Rebecca Loos: ‘I’m Telling The Truth’

Rebecca Loos spoke to Sky One in Spain to insist her claims of an affair with David Beckham while married to former Spice Girl were true. “People are calling me a liar and calling me names,” she said. “But at the end of the day this is what happened, these are the facts, this is the truth. I shouldn’t be ashamed of it. I was wrong to have done what I did – I know that – but it did happen and I am not going to live with a lie for the rest of my life.” Read more.

Posh Wouldn’t Pull A ‘Stand By My Man’ Front

An insider said tells The Mirror former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham decided to bring her 30th birthday party forward because hubby David will be back with his Real teammates preparing for another match this weekend.

“David was always planning to spend the day with Victoria as they are probably not going to be together on her actual birthday on Saturday,” the insider explained. “It was the best day for everyone as he has a game next week and Jackie organized the party because David would be free. It was a chance for everyone to get together and try and forget what’s been going on all week.”

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3 thoughts on “Rebecca Loos: ‘I’m Telling The Truth’

  1. JuniorGirl04 says:

    Who is this man? God? I think not…it’s very possible she’s not lying. Her timing is bad, but there would never be a ‘good’ time. I think the public (British at least) is so smitten with their pop culture royalty that they think they can do no wrong. The wife was close to anorexic/bullemic and suffers from severe self-esteem issues and the guy is so vain he can’t see past his own reflection. They’re people too and they make mistakes.

  2. sharonabbey24 says:

    I agree, MusicMan. Regardless of who is involved in a situation like this, nobody should EVER have to endure this kind of scandal publicly. Posh and Becks is an international pop icon. There are countries that have Becks in shrines and what not, and for the past five or so years this couple has taken a lot of heat from the press. Whether you love them or if you hate them, they are still human. And I know they might put a front as the perfect couple, but they have feelings too…not to mention children that have to live through this! I love David Beckham, and I am a fan. Whether he had an affair or not, I don’t think its anybody’s business but between him and Victoria. Just my opinion.

  3. guess says:

    even if she is tellin the truth we don’t need to or want to hear it. if it happened then shame on them but if not then she is sick. And if the reason she told is that she didn’t want to live with a lie then she she should have admitted it to Victoria. not to the entire world. because that’s just sluttish

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