Recall Ruben Studdard

Heidi Oringer of is blasting ‘American Idol’ champ Ruben Studdard, hoping to “recall” the winner much like the gubernatorial recall vote on Gray Davis in California, after the scandal involving 205 Flava, in which the singer allegedly was paid by the company, violating ‘Idol’ rules. “The fact of the matter is, if Ruben actually violated the rules of the show, then regardless of his immense (no pun intended) talent, he should relinquish his title,” she said. “But to whom – the second-place contestant, Clay Aiken? Not necessarily. You see, this show, which has become a phenomenon, is supposed to represent more than just a shot at fame for a talented few. It has separated itself from other such competitive shows by allowing the American public to be the decision makers.” Read more.

Clay’s Stardom: The Real Way People Measure A Man

August 17, 2003 – Barbara McLaughlin of weighed in on ‘American Idol’ runner-up and his new album previously titled ‘Measure of a Man,’ and her thoughts on why the album and Clay live up to the title. “Does it really matter whether a man is a teacher or a recording artist,” she asks. “Whether he is famous or not? Whether he makes a modest living or millions? Whether he wears a Prada sweater or a ‘lumberjack’ shirt? Whether he’s a slender young man or a buff hunk? Whether he fits a predetermined image or not? NO!! A man is measured by the beauty that flows from within him and his ability to allow that beauty to be seen. Clay allowed us to see that beauty, so we supported him through his incredible journey on AI. By being himself, he inspired us to help him get to this point of amazing opportunities.”

The review at has since been removed.

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3 thoughts on “Recall Ruben Studdard

  1. dirrty_senorita says:

    when will people JUST GET OVER the fact that Ruben is the American idol 2 winner, its over…move on, why dwell on the past.

  2. annaliasion says:

    It’s awfully funny that when a BLACK artist gets a good reception on the American Idol show..there are some usually coincidental hurdles for that person to jump. During the first season’s idol..Tamyra was voted off when she clearly was in the running to be the show’s champ..then when Kelly won they made Justin wait till at least half a year to release an album with no where near all the promo Kelly got for her album and THEN this year.. when the first BLACK person wins American Idol..they put them against each other for a ridiculous released on the same day..Clay getting the RS cover before Ruben..people saying Ruben shouldn’t have won..this that blah blah bullsh** bullsh**…what the hell is going on? why didn’t they shaft Clay like they did Justin? when Kelly won last year we all but forgot about him until recently..and now with a hugely popular African American winning all of sudden Clay’s in his limelight? Did they do that Justin? Or Tamyra? No. Because they were either black or could be represented in modern society as black. I’m not trying to downplay or bash Kelly or Clay’s talent by a long shot but I do think these situations are completely suspicious. think

  3. KaosLover10 says:

    Oh *****, just get over it. This is not a racism thing…stop making up pathetic excuses

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