Record Sales? Why Should We Care?

Contributed Anonymously:

Hi y’all, I been noticing lately how some of y’all are writing these essays about how much and have sold throughout their career and comparing the two, obviously justifying their talent and status based on numbers, numbers, numbers! This leaves me a few questions for some of you that care so much about record sales. Why do you care? The artist, record companies, etc. do care about record sales whether they admit that or not, because to them, it’s a business, it’s the way they make the money and make a living.

The making of an artist wouldn’t be possible without record sales that can either break or make someone’s career into a long, rewarding one. But why should we care? How’s comparing record sales from the past going to influence someone’s opinion on whose “better than who”? Do you think some people actually care that Britney made millions over Christina? Do you think a Christina fan is going to all of a sudden say “oh Britney DOES sell more than Christina, now I should like her and buy her album now since Christina is a sell out!” just because Britney made a million more than her?

C’mon folks, get real. If an artist sells millions and millions over their competitors, great, but BIG DEAL! I don’t see what’s the big deal about knowing all those numbers…all I would like to know is if my artist made it on the top 10 on billboard…that’s it, I don’t need to get more in depth than that! When an artist sells a lot, we don’t get anything out of it but just good music that has our money’s worth. We don’t get a Grammy, a huge, huge paycheck, or even a few seconds in the spotlight whenever an artist makes it big from a huge record sale! So what’s the big deal people? Do you like the artist for their music or just because they can sell well? Do you like to justify your artist for being an ARTIST, or just for being a marketing machine? Do you think people that sell less should be seen as being less of an artist? Think about it people….although record sales ARE important to the artist and their record industry…it doesn’t do anything for us no matter how many millions they make!

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