Release Date Set For Liz McClarnon’s New Single ‘Lately’

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@lizmcclarnon) on Tuesday (March 17), talking about a release date for her new single ‘Lately’. The former writes:

I was in the studio with Rob Davis last week… the guy is a legend… I wrote a lot of the kittens stuff with him…. we always work well together and we did it again!! The song we wrote was called “I hate myself for loving you!” Good title and from the heart! It’s absolutely gorgeous!!!

Wayhey… I’m going to watch Dirty Dancing again on the theatre!! For the 1000th show!! I love it! I think I could go and see it every night and never get bored!!!!

So listen….we have a real life date for the single!!!!!!….


4th May!!!!


We’re just looking at video treatments now (boy kissing) he he

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