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Ok, I wrote an email to him where I asked him about whether or not he said all that bull about star Nick Carter. And here is his response:

HIYA …thanks for emailing…like I mentioned to the 2 others who emailed me…I am thoroughly disappointed that
ONCE AGAIN BSB FANS…or NICK FANS…don’t come to the source without first asking what REALLY went down…instead they’ll bitch me out complain and become extremely upset making WILD ACCUSATIONS regarding a ONE SIDED account of a conversation…I received an email regarding the supposed conversation that transpired between myself and I , a 20 year Nick Carter fan. Amazingly she left out a number of very important details that I spoke of regarding music and singers …Along with Nick I also mentioned Ja Rule and Ashanti who have recently NOT had their tracks played due to the fact that the song never took off…the same has happened for MANY artists…not just NICK…I do also recall never calling Nick’s material S*IT (hmm funny how her recollection is different)…I had his cd almost 2 months before it was out…I like it and wished him only the best success. I don’t hold a grudge…or anything else towards him…(still trying to figure THAT comment out) I also never swore or said a number of things she mentioned…if she RECORDED the conversation I think her account would be a considerable amount MORE VALID. My ADVICE TO YOU IS first AND foremost find out the REAL story or call me yourself and I will be more than happy to do what i can to explain why MANY songs…not just NICK make it. Have a good night and feel free to post THIS on the website that she posted on…thanks for your time. TD (:D) PS I never hung up on her…during our conversation the line went dead…I thought she had become incensed and hung up on me.

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