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Since pretty much everyone’s thoughts and opinions are posted on Popdirt, why not share my views. Some “inexperienced” and “worthless” career suggestions for Mariah Carey have been posted. Here’s my replies in the respected order to which were shared by the article ‘Career Suggestions For Mariah Carey’.

1. You might say Mariah should change her career and write songs for other artists. My first question to you is ‘What the hell are you thinking?’. Mariah Carey is a superstar and has one of the most incredible voice’s in the history of the music industry. Haven’t you learned the saying “NEVER LET YOUR TALENT GO TO WASTE”. And in regards to a remark saying Christina Aguilera and Kelly Clarkson have MORE powerful voices then Mariah, THAT IS WHAT YOU THINK. I will have to disagree. Christina and Kelly are great, they have talent, they can sing, but Mariah’s voice blows the competition to the water (Just read the ‘Charmbracelet World Tour’ concert reviews).

2. You might say Mariah should change her career and write children’s books. Again THAT’S WHAT YOU THINK. You don’t go from being a successful superstar music artist to writing children’s books in a few days, it takes time. Oh and Mariah isn’t the type to “copy” other celebs, since Madonna just released a children’s book about a month ago. Mariah does her own thing!

3. You might say Mariah should change her career and do a reality show. Actually Mariah is in the middle of a successful world tour at this moment so i would suppose there is no time for a career change to star in a reality show. Oh and by the way Liza Minelli’s reality show NEVER HAPPENED. And for the Anna Nichole Smith show, well a reason for its dismal success has come from her high-profile trial which she sued for money from her late-husband.

4. You might say Mariah should change her career and live and work in Southeast Asia or some other third world country. I disagree, whats wrong with Mariah living in America, whats wrong with Mariah being an American artist. Are you jealous Mariah Carey’s success?. Are you “MAD” because you have got no where in life?. That’s your problem. In regards to you saying Mariah is accepted everywhere else except America is nonsense. Mariah will always be accepted in America. America is still giving Mariah success, whether its #1 hits or top 100 hits.

There has never been a time I’ve thought Mariah should be something else other then a singer. With the huge success she has had Mariah Carey is here to stay.

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10 thoughts on “Reply To ‘Career Suggestions For Mariah Carey’

  1. Kizzardkid says:

    Mariah is the best and will always be the best, it doesn’t matter what’s hot right now, Mariah will always be the #1 Female Artist ever.

  2. DarkSide says:

    Christina Aguilera is the best singer ever!!! She can do it all!

  3. amusicfanofsoul says:

    I’ve been to both the Charmbracelet tour and justified/stripped tour and stripped tour. and I must say that voice wise (live) Christina has Mariah beat so heavily. Mariah may hit the high notes…but it sorta sounds like studio magic…because in her show she would sound very airy in her high notes. and if you know anything about music…you know when going up the scale or just flat out belting a high note your sound increases. as for Christina…she has a way more equipped power voice. her’s isn’t as struggley as Mariah’s. and I don’t know anyone that can hold a note longer than Christina. that girl has some lungs on her. as for Kelly Clarkson…she is what I call”white girl doing everything possible to sound soulful.” she basically yells and doesn’t do vocal runs (or scale runs) too well. and her voice is gurgley…and she tries to make it like that to sound like she does vibrato on every note. but all in all, Mariah is better than Kelly…but in vocal capability…she’s nothing to Christina. but she is the best selling female of all them… I’ll give her that!

  4. monarc20 says:

    I agree with this article Mariah’s doing just fine she’s doesn’t need to do dumb thing’s to ge famous cause she already is. Oh and by the way you must be lying about going to Mariah’s concert cause her voice was more then powerful she was simply amazing and all her great Review’s prove it. Also Christina can’t hold a not to save her life, Mariah can hold note for 25 second’s or more and I’ve never heard Christina do that. Oh yeah and even though Christina is talented she’s got a really horse voice so let’s be real here.

  5. amusicfanofsoul says:


  6. Lotus says:

    I recently saw a pic of Mariah on stage and it hit me that isn’t she’s getting to old for those short skirts? She certainly has “the body for it” but there just comes a time when it doesn’t matter if you can fit into the same clothes that you had in high school – it just doesn’t suit you anymore! What is she now, 32? Grow up already!

  7. GoingUnderr says:

    Mariah is not here to stay.. she’s already left.. She had her time AGES n AGES ago. Mariah now is just an old beaten up car, man.. Can’t you see? Instead of singing she whispers :/ It’s a FACT Mariah got a record deal because SHE SCREWED SOME OLD MAN, now that’s petty.. She did have a voice back den, seeing as she is so grate.. why didn’t she get a contract for her voice?

  8. MistySl says:

    Ladies, I love Christina & Kelly, But they are copycats.. Mariah has the vocal chops. These girls copy off her..but when it comes down to it, everything that Christina can do, Mariah can do. Kelly tried so hard to copy Without U on the American Idol Show, but Mariah did a better job.

  9. mikemc says:

    Go Mariah!!!! I love Mariah, and she is here to stay, she ain’t going nowhere!!!!!! Keep it coming haters, you can’t stop her!!!!! As for people who think that Christina can belt it out more then Mariah, I DON’T THINK SO!!!! People need to realize there is a HUGE difference between singing and screaming, Christina is the biggest over-singer in the business. Have a beautiful voice doesn’t mean you can sing the loudest. Mariah can sing soulful (“Make it Happen” and “My Saving Grace”), Mariah can sing softly and sexy (“Bliss” and “Yours”), Mariah’s voice is MUCH more capable of doing things that Christina can’t. She can’t hit the notes Mariah can, people don’t even try to say she can because she can’t. I too have seen both singers in concert this year and the one thing that is obvious is Mariah’s control over their voice, she can make it do things that Christina can’t, Christina sounds VERY sloppy live, she doesn’t sound anything like her albums because she’s so busy screaming on every note it makes her seem like she’s trying to impress everyone with her lungs. While Mariah displays complete control over her voice and she sounds AMAZING live, better then on her albums. Go to and listen to her singing “Vision of Love” in Paris, she sounds AMAZING!

  10. Crusader says:

    Mariah only touches her ear when she does the whistle, if you were paying attention you would have noticed that. Comparing Christina to Mariah is simply ridiculous. Mariah doesn’t have the vocal power she once had, but she can still hang with the best of them, the fact that you’re comparing Christina, which is in her early 20’s to Mariah, which is in her early 30’s backs what I’m saying. Let’s not even go there with Comparing both singers at the same age, say 23 years. old. That’s just retarded, and obvious that Mariah would blow her out of the water in every way. And no offense but Christina does not have a smooth voice, Mariah at her age did. You never hear Christina’s 5 – 7 octave range do you? But it’s often heard with Mariah, that in itself proves that. You Christina fans really need to be real here, even now Mariah a 33 year old women can compare to Christina and still surpass her, enough said.

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