Report From Camp Britney Spears

A fan on Britney Spears’ forum at posted a message after meeting the singer at her Camp for the Performing Arts. britneylicous writes, “Hey guys I just got back from my lil vacation at Britney Camp! Ok well I got there and she stays in a cabin with all the counselors and she came out and I got her on tape and she was less then a foot away from me and my friend! She had a on a really cute brown suede camp hat on and a yellow tank top looked like something from American Eagle then jeans on! She looked really pretty! And her hair was blonde and she had extensions in! She sat 2 rows in front of me and when I get the pictures I’ll be sure to post them! Bryan her brother and Felica were there with her and Bryan’s lil black dog ‘Cosmo’ was there to! At the end of the show she took pictures with all the campers and then she did an answer and question! She said she’s goin’ on tour next year and shes performing at the VMA’s!”

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10 thoughts on “Report From Camp Britney Spears

  1. hotstuff says:

    the girl in the pic on the side looks like the girl that Oprah surprised when Britney appeared in ’02.

  2. babet says:

    is she or is she not….. that is the question……. hopefully she’s not. even I don’t want her to embarrass herself.

  3. dyin2bfamous says:

    You have got to be kidding me, there’s a Britney camp? OK…. I can’t wait for this performance on Thursday, I am dying to hear something she wrote.

  4. ktkins143 says:

    I think she’s gonna perform with Christina, lol-really.

  5. jimmypee says:

    As if Christina would perform with her. what a great way to lose credibility that would be. unless she did it to embarrass Britney with her singing. LMAO that would be hilarious. Britney would run off stage crying. Britney better not be performing. four times in fives years is overkill. and her dumb attempts at being controversial are just boring. OOH A SNAKE….wow. shell just lip synch again and look stupid…its a lose lose situation for all concerned

  6. Britneysbaby2002 says:

    Nah not so much ;) I think you’re just a LIL BIT jealous that Britney’s small controversial ways get people talking WAY more than Christina ever could.. I mean, singing with Eminem on stage… That got a few eyebrows raised, but nothing serious… BRITNEY WILL ALWAYS BE TOP NOTCH :D I hope she is performing! She is such a great performer! YEAH :D

  7. Tig says:

    Ok, Ok, teeny-cult followers, I do think Britney is a good performer, and yes, she is sexy and very clean cut, like a short barbie doll with extensions. But, when she opens her mouth, It gives me the feeling of a cat being skinned. If she could just sing. If she could just hold a note, that is not helped by pro-tools or by back-singers, or by lip-syncing.

  8. bravegirl says:

    ^^ what is your problem if you don’t like her why post its just shows how stupid you people are. we like her so we want her to preform idiot

  9. hotstuff says:

    everybody’s caught up in the excitement and anticipation of the Vma’s with all the rumors circulating. fans, don’t forget that regardless of whether or not she does/doesn’t perform, a week later the confirmed event which is the NFL Kickoff she will showcase her new songs meaning she is a CONFIRMED performer. so hype the Vma’s all you want, but don’t forget the event where she is already confirmed as a performer.

  10. Rob4Britney1788 says:

    I don’t think she’s performing her new song… She’s doing that at the NFL think on September 4… I think she’s performing with Madonna.

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