Review For Mariah’s ‘Charmbracelet’ Tour

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I’ll start out by saying that blew me my dad and the whole crowd away. I heard a guy behind me that wasn’t a fan and he was saying he never realized how beautiful her voice really was. Her voice was so powerful last night as powerful as ever if not more. My dad love’s her but is a big critic of her if you know what I mean and he was blown away. He even admitted it was the best concert he ever went to and I had to agree with him on that. What can I say but she’s is back in a big way she has grown so much as a performer. She hit more than every note she went for different one’s that were better than the album version’s. The highlight of the show for me was ‘Bringin On The Heartbreak’ because she took it to a new lever and add a lot more guitar it was more rock than Def Leppard’s! I mean this is definitely the best concert she has ever done next to Fantasy. So now all we can do is wait for them to release a DVD to the concert because it was so good I just don’t want that moment to end I wanna watch this concert a million times.

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10 thoughts on “Review For Mariah’s ‘Charmbracelet’ Tour

  1. faust says:

    funny how no one cares about that ho anymore.

  2. weebongo says:

    It was more rock than Def Leppard’s original version, yea right. What BS. What’s with all these reviews from Mariah’s little theatre tour cause she couldn’t pack arenas. There should be reviews from a tour that people are actually going to see and care about like CHER’s. Her tour is one of the most successful of this decade so far. This is a tour that people are going crazy for and is selling out each show. No one wants to see Mariah so why post reviews for it. Her tour like her album is a huge bomb.

  3. Maddie says:

    SHUT THE HELL UP YOU TWO!!!!! I was at the show last night in NYC and I can tell you it was amazing!!!!!!!…..I love her but she’s even better than I thought. THE PLACE WAS PACKED OK!!!……..The crowd was amazing, adoring her, wanting more and more, I could not get enough……She’s the most beautiful creature I’ve seen, looks so beautiful that is unreal….she looks like a Barbie doll, now that I know what Mariah is capable of, I can’t care less what haters think or say………this woman is so powerful and her voice OH MY GOD, I WAS ON THE VERGE OR TEARS of how beautiful it was. Is in perfect condition, when she sand Make it Happen, My All, Vision of Love……OMG!!!!! MARIAH IS HERE TO STAY AND SHOWED SHE’S THE ONE AND ONLY…….”OFTEN IMITATED NEVER DUPLICATED”………DAMN IT!

    Weebingo and Faulst, have no clue of they are talking about. It’s amazing how stupid people can be……you’re better off if you don’t speak!!!!…….BUNCH OF IGNORANTS, YOUR EARS ARE SO UNEDUCATED IN REGARDS TO MUSIC YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOUR SELVES, I BET YOU’RE NOT EVEN 20 YEARS-OLD, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU KNOW. GO CLEAN YOUR ASS, WASH YOUR MOUTH (cause it stinks) GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT AND THEN GET THE BALLS TO COME HERE AND MAKE SOME SENSE!

  4. faust says:

    wow Mariah still has got 1 fan. I can’t believe this

    Mariah’s fans are desperate. no one is watching her concerts, listening to her so called music, her movie sucks and her career is over. I am feeling sorry for you lambs. really.

  5. StayGoneBeautiful says:

    Maddie, Do yourself a favor and ignore these “two” idiots. First, I don’t think that it’s two people posting; just one with separate screen names. Whenever weebongo posts something about Mariah, tena or faust posts something negative too. It’s probably just the same person.Secondly, don’t you think it’s a little weird that no one really backs them up? About five or six people on this site post negative things. Everyone else posts positive things. Lastly, just ignore them. They’re ignorant, immature individuals who delight in getting a rise out of people. Don’t let ANYONE control you like that! What they’re saying is their opinion, and not fact. A lot of fans who defend her here on PopDirt need to realize that these pathetic haters are only spouting their biased opinions and nothing that’s actually true. They’ll insist it’s true, but in reality, it isn’t. They only say it’s true because they don’t like her or pretend to dislike her. Anyway, just ignore them and continue to like Mariah and whoever else admire.

    Give it up, ya freak. You’re really the only one dissing her right now. Even your allies don’t seem to care about this review, so let it go. Don’t bother replying because I won’t respond.

  6. Maddie says:

    Staygonebeautiful, I know I should ignore this retards, actually I use to always do that, I come every morning to this site from work, read all the comments and never got into arguments, I didn’t care really, but after what I saw last night, in my heart and mind I can now understand why Mariah is so loved, there were people from Chicago and other states flew in just to see her. The place was full of very mature adults, families, a lot of guys which I was very surprised……..and you should’ve seen how they LOVED HER……..I feel like crying right now, I can’t understand why people don’t like this amazing talent……Mariah is one the most hard work artist out there and what she can do with her lyrics, way of singing, sentiment to me is out of this world………Now that I saw how truly a GREAT SINGER, PERFORMER, SONG-WRITER she is, I can only love her more and more……..But thanks so much, you know what I’m talking about and what it feels like, Mariah deserves all the good things she gets, and more, she needs to be loved and pampered and she knows she can get it from her fans……..she has given us so much!

    Staygonebeautiful, If you notice their stupid comments are short and immature, so I’ll do like Mariah sang last night, “push them aside” need to try not to let them get to me…… are right, they don’t know what else to say…….after last night the only ones that look like hookers and hos to me are J-Lo, Spears and all talentless people out there that can’t even come up and nothing original! LIKE THEIR FANS!

  7. weebongo says:

    lol. .lambs. Is Mariah still calling her fans that. Don’t you guys feel like crap. That’s so degrading. Well she’s right her small amounts of fans are lambs. Lambs are stupid animals and anyone dumb enough to go see a has-been like Mariah perform is a lamb.

  8. MariahsMan says:

    All this stupid mess over the word “lambs.” It’s a f**king nickname…get over it! Some of you people are so lame…if you HATE Mariah so much and think she’s the biggest whore on the planet…fine! It’s your opinion…but no one that is a TRUE fan cares what you think. You are not going to change the opinion of the universe with your nonsense.

  9. Maddie says:


  10. mikemc says:

    HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!! I love the haters, their so original with their comebacks “Mariah sucks”, “Mariah can’t sing”, “she calls you lambs”, you all have serious mental problems!!!! And why are you spending your whole day discussing a woman you don’t even like????? Talk sh** about her all you want, but your still the ones on here talking about her!!!! And Evanescence, PLEASE!!!!!! They are the biggest one hit wonder of the year!!!! And I’ll stick by what I’ve always said, if Mariah’s career is over because she toured in theaters instead of arena’s, then so is Nelly’s career because he just got done doing the same thing!!!!!! Just keep hating on the platinum DIVA!

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