Review of JC Chasez On ‘Greetings From Tuscon’

Contributed by popnicklover:

I know this is a little late, since star appeared on the WB’s comedy series, ‘Greetings From Tuscon’, last week or so. But I was watching it and I just had to review him.

To start off, I’m sorry to say, but JC CAN’T ACT! When his character was supposed to be funny; he wasn’t. JC seemed so stiff and uncomfortable in the role as though he didn’t know what he was supposed to be doing. It was as though he was just reading off his lines from the script without putting any effort or emotion into his movements and vocals.

I was a little unclear with the role he was supposed to be playing…I think it was the landlord of the apartment building Maria moved into.

Seriously, though. When N Sync breaks up, JC SHOULDN’T consider acting as a career, unless he can improve. But for now, is a bad actor.

All I can say now is, stick to the singing, JC!

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