Richard Wilkins Of ‘Today’ Talks With Mariah Carey

Nine’s ‘Today’ entertainment correspondent Richard Wilkins got an exclusive interview with in Los Angeles, forcing him to wait several hours for her arrival. In the segment aired Wednesday (March 26), Mariah talked about how she’s gotten into such great shape thanks to working out and a strict diet, not wanting to belt out every single song, and her new album ‘E=MC2’. Then on Friday, they played more of the interview, where Mariah talked about her record label struggles after the ‘Glitter’ disaster and her personal lows. “It wasn’t that deep to me,” Carey said of the perception she had a “meltdown.” Richard then asked her some diva related questions, like the last time she cooked (last Christmas) and did laundry (never!). Richard then told Carey he’s never seen her look so happy and relaxed.
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