Ricky Martin Becomes Proud Godfather

Star reports has become the godfather of 8-month-old Katerina Anastasia, daughter of Diana Faget, a pal since his days in the boy band Menudo. An insider revealed, “He never stopped smiling throughout the baptism, and it was obvious that he was very, very happy for Diana and clearly crazy about Katerina.”

Doesn’t Want You Seeing Him Sweat

The New York Daily News reports that because the National Enquirer has a reported $10,000 bounty for photographs of taken during his health club fitness routine, the singer has hired a security guard to keep the paparazzi away.

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3 thoughts on “Ricky Martin Becomes Proud Godfather

  1. katherine says:

    i know katerina faget she is at my school sweetawter elementary she is my best friend

  2. alejandra says:

    I also know katerina faget i have known her since kindergarten:-)

  3. Katerina Faget says:

    I’m the queen! You are my servants!

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