Ricky Martin Comes To Defense Of Tommy Mottola

Ricky Martin tells the New York Post that contrary to rumors, he has no problems with Sony boss Tommy Mottola. He also is scoffing at Michael Jackson’s claim that Mottola is racist. “They’ve done an amazing, outstanding job for me all over the world,” Martin said of Sony. “Tommy has always been my friend. He’s been there unconditionally for me, 24/7.” As for the specific racism charges, “Really I don’t think it has any foundation,” he said. “I’ve met Michael a few times, and I wish him the best. But I have no idea why he said that.”

Ricky Martin Doesn’t Like ‘Sound Loaded’

Ricky Martin admitted in a recent interview with ElNuevoDia that he didn’t like his last album ‘Sound Loaded’. “I didn’t want to release the album when it was released,” he admitted. “I wanted to delay a year to record my second album, but because of political things of a record company the situation was forced. For me, I don’t like my CD. I can’t listen to it. And that won’t happen with the new one. I have never talked about this.”

Alejandro Sanz Has Kind Words For Ricky Martin

July 13, 2002 – Singer Alejandro Sanz on Saturday shared his thoughts on fellow Latin artist Ricky Martin to TV y Novelas. Sanz said (translated from Spanish), “You learn a lot from Ricky. Ricky has an enormous heart. Always thinking of ways to help others. He’s very concerned about the people in India, children with AIDS, the poor children of America. Talking with him enriches you spiritually because he is a very noble human being, who is always thinking of others.”

Michael Jackson’s 9/11 Charity Single In Limbo

July 13, 2002 – Reuters reports the charity single ‘What More Can I Give’, recorded by Michael to raise money for victims of September 11th, has fallen into limbo since the pop star learned that the song’s executive producer, F. Marc Schaffel, is involved in the pornography business, the singer’s spokesman said on Friday.

Time Is Up For Michael Jackson

July 13, 2002 – The Globe and Mail’s editorial today tells Michael it’s time to be put out to pasture. “All that professionalism you used to brag about seems to have dissipated,” the paper wrote. “We think that your protests against Sony and Tony Mottola should be less about race and marketing support and more about the fact no one had the guts to tell you what is and what isn’t a good song.”

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One thought on “Ricky Martin Comes To Defense Of Tommy Mottola

  1. Lisa says:

    For all those who think that MJ’s comment about Tommy Motolla is un-called for, must not know the various aspects of racism. You see an asute business man can still be a racist while promoting his money makers-like very talented musicans. especially if his cash makers enables him to generate millions of dollars..how do you say, uhh, lets see let’s look back in history..our own history, during the slavery years. The BIG diffrence? The people of color generating the cash have are now conisdered human..and have the right for their slice of the pie. This is about BUSINESS RIGHT? As for him marring women of color. This is another myth that hey, he is having sex with her, and even having children with her. Clarification; I have witnessed personally that a man can love a woman of color but still be racist towards the men of that culture. Or a man can admire and have loving feelings towards a woman, because she is an attractive women to him-who he can control-no matter what color, but yet, let his daughter marry a Black man..I do not think so. And finally, racism at times can be selective. Example, a white man can admire a particular culture, like the Filipino culture, like everything about it the people as whole, their traditions, but does not admire or respect the black culture, especially the black man. And lets just say that MJ is not telling everything, maybe there are founded reasons why he is calling him a racist. Remember, TM wanted the Beattles Catalog, and when MJ said no, that was when the fighting began. Yes, MJ was mad as hell, maybe he just used that rasist remark because of anger..maybe he should have used another word–like maybe he should have called TM a scumbag. All I know is this, Michael Jackson seems to be higly intutive. Maybe not right on time, like the situation with the accusors. As I recall, MJ began to withdraw from both families when he realized that they were out to get his money–but the ball already started rolling, because he too much time had already passed. The more time lapses, the more jealousy or resentments build up–by them it was too late..As soon as MJ stopped supporting them…all of sudden he is being accuse of some sick things. Now, going back to TM, MJ might know something we do not know..I guess time will tell. Unless Tommy Mottola is the astute business man because of his heart and not exclusivily for money then accusing him being a racist-is only personally to MJ. I love Michael Jackson..as a whole he was a wonderful human being that our society has used as an escapegoat. He is still human, he was not perfect. But I really do believe there is something more to his and TM’s story.. RIP King of Pop..

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