Ricky Martin Defends Gay Musicians

Ricky Martin arm tattoos

The Associated Press reports defended the right of pop stars to come out of the closet, saying he felt solidarity with Christian Chavez of Mexican band RBD, who recently said publicly that he is gay. “Life is too short to live closed up, guarding what you say,” Martin told AP. Christian “has to be free in many aspects. I wish him much strength.”

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2 thoughts on “Ricky Martin Defends Gay Musicians

  1. galleta says:

    Good for Ricky. He’s his own man and not afraid to speak up for right. He’s also secure in his sexuality and doesn’t feel the need to defend it or even comment about it.

  2. divinah says:

    Great, Ricky. But when would YOU come out???? You have every right to come out too!

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