Ricky Martin Feels Violated By Sexuality Gossip

recently chatted with Cosmopolitan en espanol magazine and was asked why he thought so many people were interested in his private life.

“Because there’s nothing bad to talk about and they want to look for something that doesn’t exists,” Martin explained. “They say: ‘he has to fail in some aspect… anywhere’. But they don’t know how bothering is that. You feel violated, because the intimacy, the sexuality, must be untouchable. The sexuality is the most vulnerable point of each human being. Because of that, when a magazine says who’s with who, gossip sells and the picture of the paparazzi… (Laughters) In my case, there’s not even that pic or anything to be said, good or bad, from my personal life, neither with who I am. Maybe that’s why they hold too much on this. Sometimes, some of them don’t have a life and they want to live mine, or even worse, inventing mine!”

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