Ricky Martin Foundation Assists Youngest Survivors Of Katrina

Ricky Martin arm tats

E. A. Ollie Middle School and Madison High School, two academic institutions located in Houston that where severely stricken by hurricane Katrina, received with enthusiasm humanitarian support from the Foundation. “We feel very fortunate to aid the most vulnerable population. This relief effort is only achievable by forging alliances. We sincerely appreciate the support given by the private sector, The Salvation Army, local non-profits such as Saving Lives through Alternate Options (SLAO) and many individuals. We will also like to congratulate the teachers for being leaders in times of social turmoil”, Martin said prior to his concert in Houston.

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5 thoughts on “Ricky Martin Foundation Assists Youngest Survivors Of Katrina

  1. hooker says:

    even, if Ricky is consistently rumored to be gay, I like, his attitude towards the press.

  2. galleta says:

    I love how this man is not shallow, egotistical or materialistic. He has his head on straight and is using his fame to truly make a difference. He and Bono are the ultimate role models that all these shallow airhead entertainers should be patterning themselves after.

  3. Mehrunisa says:

    Stop believing rumors. And BTW, you post the same comment all the time. We get it!

  4. LocaEnamorada says:

    Enough! What this stupid rumor about sexuality has to do with his humanitarian work?

  5. abbiegarcia says:

    Katrina Survivors still need help, Ricky Martin has a very Big Heart, God Bless him.

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