Ricky Martin In U.S. Capitol To Combat Human Trafficking

The Washington Post spoke with who is in town to meet with Labor Secretary Elaine Chao and push his effort to combat trafficking in humans through his People for the Children campaign. “I need to spend a week here,” he said. “There’s just so much to do. A lot of people think that human trafficking is just crossing the border illegally, but it’s about sexual exploitation and forcing people to have slavelike jobs. This is sick — we live in the year of 2003, and we’re talking about slaves.”

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4 thoughts on “Ricky Martin In U.S. Capitol To Combat Human Trafficking

  1. brownsuga says:

    Usually I have something demeaning to say about Ricky but this time I’m not going to, because the guy is fighting a good cause. Well done!

  2. kiki says:

    I really admire this man. Ricky, I honor the greatness in you.

  3. votteemma says:

    This wonderful man is much more than just an entertainer. He is a human with a great H! I love him for being a brilliant artist and I admire him for using his artistic “frame” to help those who have no voice to cry for help! God bless you, dear Ricky! I’ll always love and support you!

    Brownsuga, today you deserve a kiss from me. Thanks for a good word about Ricky!

  4. angelM says:

    Ricky is such a great gorgeous man with a golden heart!! I love him very much.I just can’t believe how much he cares. God bless you Ricky

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