Ricky Martin May Give Bollywood A Boost

Ricky Martin has professed his affection for India, and now action hero Suneil Shetty says the next movie he produces might have a song by the Latin sensation. “I want to use my marketing strength to create a new global awareness of Indian cinema,” Shetty said. “For instance, in my second production Rakht, I plan to get Ricky Martin to sing a song. The fact that such an icon has agreed to be part of our cinema shows how big Bollywood is becoming.”

Ricky Martin Named A Pop Culture Icon

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People magazine and VH1 compiled a list of 200 greatest pop culture icons in a special collectors edition. Ricky Martin is one of 13 music male artists. The list of music’s greatest male icons included Ricky Martin Bruce Springsteen ,Garth Brooks, Stevie Wonder, Frank Sinatra, James Brown, Elton John, Prince, Sting, Bono, Johnnie Cash, Axl Rose, and Bob Dylan.

Ricky Martin Receives The Cross Of Caravaca

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Ricky Martin was in Murcia, Spain, where he headed up a gala for Spanish Television. In Murcia he was decorated with one of the highest honors offered by this city, the Order of Carvaca. Only two other people have received this order, Ricky Martin and the Prince of Asturias (a region of Spain).

Ricky Martin At An Autograph Signing Session In Toronto

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Annette Chai, 38, got a kiss from Ricky Martin at an autograph session at Sherway Gardens yesterday, after giving him a cross necklace. Martin, promoting a new Spanish album, drew thousands of fans.

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