Ricky Martin Pins Comeback On Dido Collaboration

Ricky Martin arm tattoo

Neil Sean of Sky News reports that after ’s attempt to update his sound by collaborating with Amerie and Fat Joe on ‘I Don’t Care’, the Latin star is going back to basics, enlisting the help of Dido. “We’re working on a track together which is going to be awesome,” Ricky told a spy. “I love the way she writes, and it will touch the heart.”

Ricky Martin’s Pizza Pitstop

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports Ricky Martin was spotted ordering pizzas and calamari at the Rainbow Bar & Grill for Monday’s private jet trip back to Miami. Meanwhile, Paris Hilton was across town mixing her new CD at the Palms’ new recording studios.

Ricky Martin To Open 2006 Tour At Taj Mahal

The 8th Wonder of the World announced Wednesday (December 14) that Ricky Martin will be performing at the international concert series’ kickoff event at the Taj Mahal in Agra, India, February 25th. “We are both delighted and honored that Ricky has agreed to join us at 8th Wonder of the World’s inaugural event at the Taj Mahal in February,” said Farook Singh, co-chairman of 8th Wonder of the World. “Not only is he a captivating performer, he is a truly committed ambassador who by lending his support is helping draw attention to the misery visited upon millions of the world’s children by HIV/AIDS.”

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6 thoughts on “Ricky Martin Pins Comeback On Dido Collaboration

  1. Babar says:

    Ricky has good vocals. And Dido is such a great everything. It could be good.

  2. RPL says:

    Who has-been on a sucky song and they think they are coming back? Uh no.

  3. manwithaplan94 says:

    Dido is good she can work magic lets just hope even her magic will help him.

  4. LocaEnamorada says:

    The haters didn’t even hear the song yet and already they diss the artists. Typical….just love to hate. Try to be more positive and give people a chance. It will not kill you. And Ricky’s career is just fine. Yes it’s not the same as it was in LLVL days, but he is doing just fine. His CD is very good and it got good reviews,but is unjustly overlooked because of lack of the right promotion from Sony. He is still selling out concerts in Latin America and USA, and soon in Europe, and he is doing an amazing job with his “People for children” foundation, helping needy children around the world and Tsunami and hurricane Katerina victims. Every artist has ups and downs. Just look at Mariah and Madonna. Ricky is a great singer and performer and people need to just stop hating for the love of hating, and really give his music a chance. If the rumor is true then it could be an amazing track. I can’t wait to hear it.

  5. divinah says:

    Just how can a has-been help another has-been?’, ‘This lush gayboy has had his 15 minutes already. Hope he’s wise enough to see there’s no more extensions..

  6. hooker says:

    oh my god, dido is one of my favorite singers, I like her, because, she is a little bit conservative, not like, most female musicians, they so fake. you see them, as, if, very sweet, in front of camera, but, in contrast in real life. I only found, dido, kelly clarkson, mariah, nelly furtado, not, pretending to be, but, the rest, no matter how you convince me, I don’t like them, because, I AM NOT A PERSON, WHO IS, EASILY BE INFLUENCED BY OTHERS, AND, CHANGE MY POINT OF VIEW, NO WAY, PLEASE, OVER MY DEAD BODY. THANK YOU! all I can say, is, I think, Ricky martin, is, a good natured man, ’cause, no matter what they say against him, he just smiled at you, which, is, a nice attitude. I’m just curious, if, IS HE REALLY GAY? oh no, please, eh.

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