Ricky Martin Says Christina Aguilera Has Best Voice

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This is an excerpt from an article about Ricky Martin from People en Español: And when it came to revealing the best vocal cords in the business? Grammy winner Christina Aguilera gets Martin’s vote hands down.

Ricky Martin Pressured To Succeed With New CD

An inside source tells the New York Daily News that poor sales on Ricky Martin’s last English album ‘Sound Loaded’ have meant his label Sony isn’t cutting the singer any slack. His next English album was pushed from July to perhaps March 2004. “[After] Tommy Mottola was fired, [new Sony CEO] Andy Lack went through the books to see who was selling and who wasn’t,” the insider revealed. “The brass at Columbia wasn’t feeling some of the [English] songs he wrote on the new album. They told him they were going to hold off on that CD, but they needed something to put out to keep him topical.” That’s the reason the insider claims his Spanish album ‘Almas del Silencio’ was bumped up, not Martin’s claim that he “changed his mind.”

Ricky Martin Needed To Create Original Sound

Ricky Martin’s seventh solo album ‘Almas del Silencio’ maintains his musical roots but fuses them with international rhythms to create a new and original sound. “It’s the only way. I needed to do it this way,” he tells Entertainment Tonight. “And people were really afraid, but I said, ‘You know what, I have a lot of friends.'”

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