Ricky Martin’s Dance Floor Action In London

The Mirror reports that was spotted at Kabaret’s Prophecy in Soho, London kissing on the dance floor with a blonde woman. “Within minutes, he and the blonde were grinding on the dancefloor and snogging,” an onlooker revealed. “Then, he turned his attentions to the club’s other female attractions. A sea of girls went up and he talked to everyone. But the blonde got territorial and they exchanged mobile numbers after a little more tonsil tennis.”

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9 thoughts on “Ricky Martin’s Dance Floor Action In London

  1. EdwardAlex says:

    There is too much attention on all of his women encounters

  2. hooker says:

    His livin’ la vida loca, eh, I guess? is Ricky gay?

  3. lilla says:

    “snogging” boy does that word take the romance out of kissing

  4. Mehrunisa says:

    Poor hooker, forever tormented by question. Well, the article answers it for you- NO!

  5. JLOVER101 says:

    actually, it doesn’t answer anything. Even I’ve kissed a few girls in my day.

  6. Laris says:

    Please, he’s totally gay!!!! When reporters have asked him if he is gay he doesn’t even answer the question. He could easily say no like many others, but he never has. It is so obvious however, that an answer is not necessary hahaha!

  7. champagne_dancer says:

    What isn’t a secret is Ricky’s hunkiness and his talent. The boy is sexy no matter’, ‘how you slice it.

  8. twistedpsykko says:

    maybe they’re trying to make him look…not gay?’, ‘but if they are, it’s not working :P

  9. estephania says:

    I heard he had a girlfriend before he hit it big, I’m not sure he is gay, I think he might be bi and likes to keep a low profile

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