Ricky Martin’s Spirit Of Hope Award Acceptance Speech

An English translation to Ricky Martin’s acceptance speech at the Billboard Latin Music Awards has been posted. In accepting the special Spirit of award for his charitable works, Ricky said:

Many thanks! Its very important, No? A night that is very important because it brings me the pride of all Latins and a Latino Award-very important!

I want to thank first of all my Mother and Father. From the beginning to this very day they have taught me how to love and without that, Nothing matters! So many other people to thank, people that have helped me in this 20 year career of mine. I want to thank….no not thank…I want to DEDICATE this award to those artists that have done so much for Latin Music—and to those that are reaching for a crossover, people, its a marvelous experience and I wish you all success, but don’t forget your language, your culture—that we are a great people making great music. We are not only a great people, but are composers, singers, artist and each and every day…every day bring our culture to all parts of the world. And it is only the beginning, we have started opening the doors. God Bless you all and Thank You!

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