Rik Waller Lashes Out At Cruel Simon Cowell

Pop Idol finalist Rik Waller lashed out at Simon Cowell for the cruel treatment he received from Mr. Nasty during the reality series. “Pop Idol is not about talent – it is about money and manipulation,” Waller, who was constantly hit by negative remarks about his weight from Cowell said. “The likes of Cowell are there to make a name for themselves, and if that means ruining people’s lives then so be it. His cruel taunts shatter dreams and he could destroy somebody if he carries on. Someone could end up killing themselves.” The story at thesun.co.uk has since been removed.

‘Idol’ Brits Bore Simon Cowell

August 3, 2003 – Simon Cowell has blasted the British version of ‘Pop Idol’ as “boring”, preferring ‘American Idol.’ He told Popworld magazine, “There are boring times but if we’re going to find a star, then it’s worthwhile. I prefer the American show, it’s more glitzy. But the new UK series could be the best yet.”

‘Pop Idol’ Set To Be Cash Cow For ITV

August 3, 2003 – The Sunday People reports that the second season of ‘Pop Idol’ is set to make a massive $197 million profit for ITV, as the network sees it as the answer to their poor Saturday night ratings. “No trick’s being missed,” an ITV insider said of the advertisement stuffed series. “Everyone knows it’s a cash cow and hopefully a ratings winner, too.”

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6 thoughts on “Rik Waller Lashes Out At Cruel Simon Cowell

  1. Tig says:

    Stop crying, industry boy, you’re a sissy. You knew when you auditioned for this show, that apart of it was Simon’s Comments, that’s where the $$$$ come in. People tune in to hear him rip apart the kids, more so than any talent. Maybe he was right, maybe you need to lose 20 pounds. The music industry is a “IMAGE” business, Image and sex sells. Clay Aiken was hated on, called ugly, called loser, called homo nerd. Now look at him. Still all those things, but he has improved. So Grow up, You knew what you were getting into, what is it “your time of the month”. Get over it.

  2. HoneyRain says:

    lol Simon’s remarks are funny but I must agree with Mr. Waller. There are other ways Simon can get his point across besides childish and vicious insults. he only does that for ratings.. (i know that’s the reason I watched American idol).. however, some of blame also rests on the contestants. they know what they’re getting into before they even audition and they should KNOW whether or not they can sing well.. unless EVERYONE in their family is tone deaf!

  3. HoneyRain says:

    and from watching other American Idol shows.. he should have known Simon would get on his weight.

  4. TheAngryPrincess says:

    Wasn’t Pop Idol was in the UK, before hitting American?

  5. AiRMERiCAxAO says:

    anyone who takes it that seriously needs help anyway

  6. Stallion says:

    Well Simon isn’t exactly famous for his nice comments now is he.

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