Ring’s Back On Jennifer Lopez’s Hand

ET Online reports: Wearing a skin-tight pink top and a low slung skirt, was spotted shopping in Miami. Tagging along for her latest spree was her security. Along the way, Jen was spotted browsing a lingerie store while wearing a large ring on her right ring finger. Meanwhile, Ben Affleck and his brother Casey were last seen at Ben’s Savannah, GA estate.

Bennifer Summit In Savannah

18, 2003 – Access Hollywood reports those on watch haven’t seen her in Miami since 4 p.m. on Tuesday (September 16), fueling talk of a Savannah summit for the pair. People Magazine quoted a friend who said that’s the plan: “They’re going to sit down and talk. I’m sure they’re going to scream, cry, and laugh and maybe figure this out.”

Ben’s Not In Miami Yet

September 18, 2003 – The New York Daily News reports that while report had Ben Affleck flying on Tuesday from Los Angeles to Miami, it turns out he’s in Savannah, Georgia, with his brother, Casey, and his dogs. Affleck bought a $7.1 million estate off Georgia in April. The brothers were apparently looking at another island property off South Carolina. Insiders are watching to see if Ben heads next to Miami Beach, where his possible fiance, Jennifer Lopez, is holed up. “They’re going to sit down and talk,” a pal of Lopez tells People magazine.

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10 thoughts on “Ring’s Back On Jennifer Lopez’s Hand

  1. grprincess says:

    I don’t care who dumps who. I am sick of these two. J.Ho got what she deserved. Karma has bitten her on her massive hairy ass.

  2. lopez_lover says:

    ^that just proves how dumb are Scary Mariah fans lol!

  3. grprincess says:

    I don’t particular like/dislike Mariah but she has a way better voice that J.Ho. Well everyone does. Listening to J.Ho is like listening to nails scratching a board.

  4. adri0284 says:

    lopez_lover, That little PATHETIC comment just showed that you are the FEW fans of Jennifer Lopez! Please stop being fanatical and stop thinking that whomever does not like your precious talentless idol is fanatical about Jenny’s rivals. Grow up and realize that A LOT of people think that Jennifer is a whore and talentless!

  5. vtg says:

    doesn’t mean they’re back together.. I’m wondering if she’ll have it back on the “left” ring finger… HMM btw.. I saw the clip on Access Hollywood.. she looked Fab as usual but sad :(

  6. MariahsMan says:

    Don’t pay attention to lopez_lover…that’s exactly what she (I’m assuming it’s a girl) wants. If you don’t worship Jennifer Lopez, you are stupid and a “Scary Mariah” fan. That’s her mentality, so pay her no mind and don’t take her comments seriously…it’s not worth it! And by the way…think of some new insults for Mariah besides “Scary” and “whore.” I mean…all these J Lo insults should give you plenty of material.

  7. XtinaFighter says:

    I am so sick and tired of hearing about Ben and Jen they just need to get married or break up once and for all so the media will shut the F**K up about this subject and move on to another one! seriously how many times can you tell one story!?! If its up to the media about 100 times before it starts to get really old!

  8. fantasylover says:

    Wait a minute. Did I just read that there was a big ring on her RIGHT hand? Who cares? Jesus, this damn media will report ANYTHING on these two!

  9. PandaBear2003 says:

    I SAW ET tonight, It IS NOT THE SAME RING, it is a DIFFERENT ring that she was wearing on her RIGHT HAND. This post is full of crap because ET NEVER stated they were BACK TOGETHER just that she was wearing a LARGE ring on her right hand.

  10. Carrie says:

    I saw the ring on Access Hollywood and it was indeed beautiful. Ben dumped her so I’m sure that this didn’t come from him, besides she looks really sad. Maybe Diddy sent it to her. It wouldn’t surprise me being that he is loaded, is probably really upset for her and could be a show of support on his side. I’ve always felt he is a true gentleman and wouldn’t doubt it if he spent a million or so to give her a show of support. When you’ve loved someone, the feeling never goes away and believe me you don’t want to see that other person suffer. I’ve been there that’s why I’m saying this.

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