Rise Of The Pop Prince

Scotland On Sunday profiled star after the singer’s visit to Edinburgh to clean up at Thursday’s MTV Europe Music Awards. They write, “At 22, Justin seems to have ripped through several lives and careers, first as a TV Mousketeer, then as a boyband idol in *NSYNC, and now as a suave, suede-headed solo sex symbol. The shameless self-promotion of Justin Timberlake, by Justin Timberlake, has made a pleasant-looking Memphis boy with more than a whiff of car salesman into a £35m object of desire with a glamorous actress girlfriend eight years his senior. This is quite an achievement, especially since when it comes to bland, manufactured pop, Britain has plenty spare at home. Indeed, a year ago Timberlake was best known for a publicly-chaste four-year relationship with .”

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9 thoughts on “Rise Of The Pop Prince

  1. elgato says:

    This article talked about: – *NSYNC’s demise -how Justin’s a white-bred -how Justin’s voice sucks -how he’s manufactured -how he abuses his fans -how he’s self-absorbed how true.

  2. Cicero says:

    I’m still sitting on the fence with whether I like Justin or not. The guy can definitely dance, but sometimes I think he’s pretty fake. Still, he seems to treat his fans well, which is important. Anyway, I’m just amazed how well he’s doing. Seriously, he blows all other boy band solo stars out of the water! JC is left in the dust; Nick Lachey is a joke; and Nick Carter, while I’ve read that he’s sold a good number of CDs, really doesn’t compare with Justin’s popularity. I wonder why? Maybe the whole Britney thing? Maybe because N-Sync were so popular? or both? I really think Cry Me a River did it for him. It was a great song, and very, very controversial — the video made me laugh and get pissed off all at the same time. Plus, the cinematography was gorgeous. So, I guess I think Britney had quite a bit to do with his initial success, but Justin has obviously made a name for himself on his own in these last few months. He clung onto Britney, then Christina, but I think he can stand on his own now, whether we like it or not. Anyway, congrats to him, I guess. I hope he doesn’t get too big-headed. And I hope he ditches Diaz. She’s too old for him, and she probably sees white picket fences and little children, ugh. Get out now, dude, and stick with chicks your age!

  3. Stallion says:

    Cool article. One thing people don’t know that N’sync was around before the whole pop trend started. They started as an a capella group before the pop trend even started and now they are standing tall longer after the whole pop trend is over unlike the Backstreet Boys. And before N’sync there was Justin and JC on the Mickey Mouse club. I think JC will have success with his album with Justin helping him out. It will probably be a good idea if JC does more stripe down performance like Justin did if he want to win over critics

    It is pretty obvious that Justin has won over fans with his live performance and his music.

  4. Lava33 says:

    Notice that when people say that no one can recall nick carters album, elgato doesn’t have S*it to say because he knows its true. No matter what this loser says about Justin, he’s still very successful. Don’t worry about those haters Justin, you have a lot of fans (more than nick anyway) haha.

  5. hellahooked says:

    Justin hasn’t really achieved anything… The only thing he has achieved was probably.. he’s a Michael Jackson wannabe.

  6. Stallion says:

    I’ve been watching Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson and I’ve never ever seen Michael Jackson pick up an instrument and play it in I’ve never even seen him do a strip down show like Justin Timberlake. That is why I like Justin better. Michael maybe a better singer but Justin Timberlake does give Michael Jackson a lot to think about. If I was Michael Jackson I be taking notes from Justin Timberlake. Hate him on you want the kid is here to stay and so is N’sync. Michael Jackson went back to the Jackson after Off the wall and Thriller and so will Justin Timberlake.

  7. jillian says:

    Let me get this straight…. are you suggesting Michael Jackson (the worlds greatest entertainer) take notes from Justin Timberlake ??? If so its obvious you have never been to a Michael Jackson concert. Sure he’s slowing up now I mean he’s been performing since 5 and is now 45 years old. But in his prime, at Justin’s age, there is still no comparison. Michael Jackson will always be the ultimate performer and artist. Michael Jackson is an entertainer he’s not the type that sit on a chair when performing. maybe he might later on if he ever tours again but I doubt it. The difference is Michael creates the music behind the scenes. He can play many instruments which are present on his album credits but he doesn’t promote his instrumental talent. He becomes an instrument on stage. If I was Michael Jackson I’d be doing exactly what he’s doing now, which is spending more time with his family then worry about a manufactured singer such a Timberlake. Justin ain’t an artist yet. He hasn’t written any hits, nor performed a concert anywhere near the numbers or standard Michael has. sure the kid has some talent, but think about your words more wisely when comparing him to someone such as Michael Jackson.

  8. Cicero says:

    Stallion: Your raise a number of good points, but I wouldn’t go THAT far. MJ was JT’s inspiration, so I wouldn’t say that MJ needs to take notes from JT. I agree that JT might have done better with the smaller shows to really give him some credibility. But still, saying that MJ should takes notes from JT is almost disrespectful, heheh. I don’t think JT’s fame is unfair. Some people call him an MJ-wannabe. But artists are inspired by other artists, and this generation NEEDS someone as huge as MJ was. We want that talent, and now we have it. Good luck to JT.

  9. twistabomb says:

    This is a biased short-biography on Justin. And basically, I could careless about it.. but for the people that responded below or above, whichever way you’re looking at the newest articles.. one thing: grow up. Elgato needs to pop Justin’s dick outta his ass or whatever and get the hell over Justin. Seriously, if you don’t like him, you don’t like him, but get a damn life and move the hell on. You ain’t nothing but a goddamn dick rider. And it’s really sad that you can’t find anything better to do than CONTINUOUSLY post in Justin articles. Sweetheart, there is a life outside of PopDirt.com, find it, grab it, and hold onto it for dear life. Stallion.. okay, you like Justin. Everyone gets that, but pop Justin’s dick outta your mouth and breathe easy, dawg, alright? You don’t need to post 10 messages under one thread listing all the qualities that you like in Justin and comparing him to MJ and whatnot. It is not that serious. To everyone else… why do you continue to involve yourself in mindless arguments? Repeating “truth hurts” and mentioning Nick or whatever only makes people think you’re dumb, retarded, young teenyboppers. Okay, I’m done.. And you can direct all crap you gotta say to my inbox or pm or whatever even though I probably won’t be back to read it anytime soon

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