Rival Rep Attempts To Grab Britney Post ‘Dateline’

In wake of Britney Spears’ ‘Dateline’ interview, 5WPR exec Tracey Nguyen attempted to lure the singer from her longtime rep Leslie Sloane Zelnik and The New York Daily News received the e-mail exchange. “I would NEVER allow any of my clients to do an interview, let alone such an important one as the one that Britney just did, without being there to make sure that the questions that were being asked were appropriate, and also to make sure that she looked her best on camera at all times,” Nguyen blasted in a message to Spears’ manager Dan Dymtrow. Zelnik shot back: “She must not have taken PR 101, where they teach you: When you’re trying to steal other people’s clients, don’t diss your own.”

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