Rob Mills Interrupted Servicing Paris Hilton

The new newsletter reports that Paris Hilton renewed her “friendship” with ‘Australia Idol’ finalist Rob Mills last month when she was booked for an appearance at a St. Kilda nightclub in Melbourne. Part way through the event, the club manager walked into the night office and found Paris sitting on the edge of her desk, dress hitched up, with Millsy between her legs, performing oral contortions on the girlfriend of Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter. When the manager apologized for barging in on them, Paris barely looked up, graciously replying “That’s cool, we won’t be too long.”

Nick Carter Leaves Paris Hilton In Tears

June 10, 2004 – Paris Hilton was photographed leaving the Concord in tears as boyfriend Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys went to another nightclub “with the guys” a few blocks away at the Spider Bar for the after party for the band Velvet Revolver in Hollywood, California on Wednesday (June 9).

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