Rob Thomas: I Don’t Care Who Tiger Woods Has Sex With

Rob Thomas

weighed in on the media storm Tiger Woods has faced since a string of women emerged claiming to have had affairs with the married golfer, telling his Twitter followers (@ThisisRobThomas) Tiger doesn’t owe the public any apology. The Matchbow Twenty singer writes:

Why does Tiger Woods owe America an apology? He plays golf. I don’t care who he fu**s.
@christyallen kids need better role models than sports figures and musicians.
@CatcherKortland I don’t know his wife. You probably don’t either. Just cuz the media hypes it doesn’t mean it’s our business.
I feel like I want an apology for golf clothes.
What do YOU feel you are owed an apology for? By anyone.
I would like an apology for JERSEY SHORE.
@tahiwriter85 I want an apology for the media building up these people to god status and then tearing them down when they fu** up.
@tahiwriter85 it’s the parent’s job to let their kids know right from wrong. Not sports stars, musicians actors or politicians. No?
@tahiwriter85 why aren’t you more mad at the media for making his infidelities the story of the year?
People should be more offended when politicians who are the most vocal about blocking gay rights later come out as gay.

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