Rob Thomas Talks With Hot30 Countdown, Disses Bandmates

Matcbox Twenty frontman was on the phone with the Hot30 Countdown in Sydney on Tuesday ( 4), where he talked about what he’s been up the past couple of years and his experiences in an adult store.

Rob’s bandmates probably wouldn’t like how the conversation began, after they told the singer if he’d thought about changing the band’s name to “ and the dead weights,” rather than stick up for his Kyle Cook, Brian Yale, and Paul Doucette, Rob responded, “You know what, the guys are not into that. I’ve tried. They’re not going to do it. I opted for the Rob Thomas and the ‘Who The Fu** Are You Guys Band’, and nobody was into that either.”

Asked if that’s why “one of them” had left the band, Rob said, “No he got voted off the island… We went, ‘Everyone who’s still in matchbox twenty raise your hand. Not so fast Adam’,” referring to Adam Gaynor, who left the group in 2005.

Audio at has since been removed.

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