Robbie Williams Lets Madonna Preview ‘She’s Madonna’

Robbie Williams spoke with The Sun’s Something For The Week about his song ‘She’s Madonna’, and how he sent the track to the Material Girl to review. “I sent the track to Madonna and she really liked it,” Robbie explained. “I also sent her ‘Rudebox’ and she didn’t really like it. You could say that the track is a bit stalkerish. She wanted to know what it was about. I lied. She said, ‘Is it the futility of being in love with Madonna? Is it the futility of being in a relationship with Madonna? Do you like Madonna in the track?’ It’s quite a day sending a song to Madonna about her. She’d heard I’d done it.” Read more.

Robbie Performs In Rio de Janeiro

October 22, 2006 – Contributed Anonymously:

Robbie Williams performed for over 20,000 people at Apoteose Stadium in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil on Wednesday (October 18). Robbie sang hits from his latest album like ‘Rudebox’ and ‘Advertising Space’. He talked with the audience and was in a very good mood making fun of how Brazilians were calling him Robin stead of Robbie. He was smoking during the concert: “You don’t mind if I smoke do ya? Come on, I gave up on alcohol, I gave up on cocaine and even ecstasy!” He mooned the crowd before leaving the stage. After the show him and his crew went to a private party at the 00 night club. Watch fan filmed highlight clips at YouTube.

Robbie Allows Patrizio Buanne To Cover ‘Angels’

October 15, 2006 – Patrizio Buanne spoke with The Sun about his Italian language cover of Robbie Williams’ hit ‘Angels’, getting permission from the singer after initially getting denied by Robbie’s management. “I have enormous respect for the success that Robbie has achieved and it is a pleasure to be given the chance to sing possibly his greatest song in my native language,” Buanne said. “I have heard that Robbie likes my version – I just hope everyone else does too!”

Ex-Manager Sues Robbie Over Song

October 8, 2006 – The Sun reports Nigel Martin-Smith served a High Court writ against Robbie Williams and his record label Chrysalis, demanding £300,000 in damages over the track ‘The 90s’ on his forthcoming ‘Rudebox’ CD. “This could seriously hamper the chances of Robbie’s album coming out on time,” a source said. “The major problem is that thousands of pounds have already been spent on an international marketing campaign to promote the album. From the record label’s point of view the album has to come out on time.” Read more.

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