Robbie Only Knew What To Say To Nicole With His Penis

dropped the strongest hints to date that he has slept with Nicole Kidman telling a crowd after he performed his new ‘Escapology’ song ‘How Peculiar’, which eludes to the romance, “Needless to say, I slept with her.” He still didn’t name Nicole – but the song refers to London’s plush Dorchester Hotel, where he met Kidman several times. It also describes a woman with long legs, which certainly fits the 5’10” star. Robbie explained, “I wrote a song about a certain person who shall remain nameless. Every time I was near her I felt like I was a seven-year-old and that I had nothing to say. Fortunately she found me attractive so I wrote this song to say ‘I think you’re ace’. In the end I didn’t know what to say, so I just got my penis out.”

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