Robbie Wanted To Kill Himself When Writing ‘Feel’

tells the Scottish Daily Record that he wanted to kill himself when he was writing his latest single, ‘Feel’. In the song, Robbie sings “I want to live, I want to die”. Robbie, who has battled addiction, admits, “I felt that way at the time I wrote the song. I wasn’t feeling too happy but I’m much happier now. In fact, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and the most excited I’ve ever been about what I do and what I perform. But when I wrote that song I felt that sentiment in the lyric, but not anymore.”

Bootleggers Selling Robbie’s ‘Escapology’

November 17, 2002 – The Sunday Mail reports bootleggers have been selling Robbie Williams’ album ‘Escapology’ before it’s release Monday. “We tried to keep the record as tight as possible before its release,” complained an EMI source. “It’s amazing how these gangs manage to get their hands on things like this when we go to great lengths to try to stop them. We warn fans that counterfeit copies are inferior in terms of sound quality. It’s a rip-off.”

Robbie Likes ‘Fame Academy’, Not ‘Popstars’

November 17, 2002 – The Sunday People reports is addicted to TV’s ‘Fame Academy’, but says ‘Popstars: The Rivals’ bores him. “Strangely enough ‘Fame Academy’ is really compelling and addictive,” he told Liverpool’s Radio City. “Although it’s cruel TV I can’t stop watching it. In contrast ‘Popstars’ bores the daylights out of me.” Robbie did say the reality music shows were ruining the industry.

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