Robbie Williams And New Girlfriend Practice ‘Dirty Dancing’

News of the World reports Lisa Brash bought a DVD of the chick flick ‘Dirty Dancing’ for boyfriend Robbie Williams. “She said she couldn’t resist the chance – after all, what do you give a man who has everything,” a pal explained. “So before she flew down to London to spend last weekend with Robbie, she bought the DVD. Robbie put it on his 50in TV and he must have loved it because he whisked her up and started doing the Dirty Dancing moves. He was Patrick Swayze and she was Jennifer Grey. Robbie loved ‘The Lift’ scene where he raises her high into the air before she slides down his body. It’s a very sexy move.”

On Atkins, Geri, Jordan & Blue’s Lee

October 26, 2004 – In an interview with Attitude magazine, Robbie Williams was asked whether he’s done the Atkins Diet. “I don’t eat bread and potatoes, but I’m not Geri-esque about it,” Robbie responded, referring to former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell. “Mind you, neither’s she. I think she ate Doctor Atkins.”

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