Robbie Williams And Songwriter Split After Talks Break Down

The Sun reports 11th-hour talks between Robbie Williams and songwriter Guy Chambers have broken down after Chambers refused to work exclusively with Robbie. A spokesman for Guy said, “Guy has decided to work with other people and on other projects. He feels he cannot commit to working exclusively with Robbie. After six years and five albums he feels it is time to move on. ‘Escapology’ is finished and Guy has co-written 12 of the 14 songs. He feels he is bowing out on a creative high.” Read more.

Robbie’s Writer May Split And Cause EMI Deal Crisis

October 4, 2002 – The Sun reports Robbie Williams reported $125 million deal with EMI is in crisis after it emerged he may split from his songwriting partner. Robbie’s management want Guy to write exclusively for him, but he wants to work with other artists. “This is a real crisis and could have massive ramifications for Robbie,” said an insider. “If Guy refuses to comply , then Robbie will be without the man who has made him a star for the first time in his career.” Read more.

Robbie And Rachel Reportedly Split

October 4, 2002 – The London Daily Star reports Rachel Hunter has dumped Robbie Williams after finding the number of a mystery blonde in his apartment. The pair met in his London home this week, but Rachel left shortly after arriving, looking very unhappy.

Robbie In London Also To Finalize Christmas Special

October 3, 2002 – The Mirror reports that besides returning to London to announce his new deal with EMI, Robbie Williams is in the UK to finalize details of ‘An Audience With Robbie’, which will be aired on ITV on Christmas Day. “It will be the Christmas special everyone will want to see as it will be packed with stars,” said an insider. “Robbie’s very excited about it but needed a lot of persuading to do it. His management convinced him that Escapology will soar this Christmas if he does it. But he has insisted that everything be kept secret – and has threatened to pull out if the story gets out.”

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