Robbie Williams Dates Cameron Diaz

The Sunday Mirror reports Robbie Williams has been spotted with actress Cameron Diaz strolling along the beach in Santa Monica, holding hands and sharing kisses. “They looked like an item to me. They were laughing and messing around and seemed to having great fun together,” a spy said, who saw the couple at Shutters restaurant at the Beach hotel. “At the restaurant, they were flirting outrageously together and attracting loads of attention – well, Cameron was. It looked like the start of something serious to me and Robbie certainly seemed very keen on the whole thing.”

Robbie Is Jealous Of ‘Greek God’ Timberlake

May 22, 2003 – Robbie Williams admitted to Us Weekly he is jealous of his younger rival Justin Timberlake of *NSYNC. “I’m nervous,” Robbie said. “Justin looks like a Greek God. I was like, ‘on to the gym for me and keep it up this time’.” Robbie also talked about his ‘Tonight Show’ appearance that had him sitting on the lap of ‘American Idol’ judge Simon Cowell. “Simon pretended not to enjoy it but I could tell he did. I could feel it,” he joked.

Robbie Seeks Fan For Lead Video Role

May 22, 2003 – The Sun reports Robbie Williams wants a fan to take the lead role in his video for the single ‘Something Beautiful’ and is personally holding auditions dubbed ‘Rob Idol’ in London on May 31st. “Robbie wants to give something back to fans for the support they’ve shown him,” a spokesman at EMI said. “The auditions are open to anyone over 18. We don’t care what color, height, weight or sex – you don’t even have to be able to sing very well.”

Robbie Doesn’t Translate In The U.S.

May 17, 2003 – The Mirror is blasting Robbie Williams appearances on the Tonight Show and the Late Late Show earlier this week. Showbiz agent Jonathan Shalit explained, “For years he’s got away with this cheeky chappy image in the UK – but it just doesn’t translate to America. Here, a generation have grown up with Robbie but in America he’s nobody. He has to start from scratch and he hasn’t done anything to endear himself to the public. You can’t go on a major American chat show and start singing their national anthem without people asking ‘who the hell does he think he is?’ If an unknown American went on Parkinson and started taking the mickey out of ‘God Save The Queen’ we’d react in the same way.”

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