Robbie Williams Dating MTV VJ Emma Griffiths

News of the World reports is now dating MTV VJ Emma Griffiths after meeting her at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Lisbon, Portugal. “He is so gorgeous. I fancied him and it didn’t take long for things to happen,” Emma said. “He was lovely— such a polite man – and I was even starstruck which is unlike me. We decided to go back to the hotel together.” The couple have stayed in touch by text and phone since he returned to his home in Los Angeles. “Emma can’t wait to see him again, and Robbie seems keen too,” a source said.

Robbie’s ‘Intensive Care’ Will Get U.S. Release After All

January 7, 2006 – Despite Robbie Williams’ claims that he has no desire to be a singing star in America, Neil Sean of Sky News reports that he will have a low-key release of his latest effort, ‘Intensive Care’. The move was prompted by big import buying of the disc by American fans. Robbie’s label will also release the singe ‘Tripping’ Stateside.

Robbie Depressed Over Being Labeled Depressed

January 5, 2006 – reports that is getting tired of the media labeling him as “depressed.” The former star complained, “I am surprised about what the public thinks of me. They say again and again that I am a highly depressive guy who can hardly get out of bed for the next day. Bullsh**. But that seems to fit them well. Like, he may be the famous entertainer Robbie Williams, but he can’t enjoy his life. He can’t be happy. He is depressive, a terrible person; he can’t sing and is certainly gay.”

Music Is A Hit This Holiday Season

December 28, 2005 – Online retailer Amazon was celebrating a record Christmas sales haul today after its UK arm delivered as many as 480,000 gifts a day. Madonna led music sales with her ‘Confessions On A Dance Floor’ album, followed by ‘Now That’s What I Call Music! Vol 62’ and ‘Intensive Care’ by Robbie Williams.

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3 thoughts on “Robbie Williams Dating MTV VJ Emma Griffiths

  1. Ses says:

    Madonna’s COADF is truly on course to be Madonna’s Biggest Selling Studio Album Ever. I predict that it will sell well over 20 million albums Worldwide. What do you think Lambs? If COADF doesn’t sell over 20 million albums till the end of its last single release then I’ll never post any anti-Ms. Scarey Propaganda EVER… But…If COADF sells more than 20 million albums (which you Lambs think is impossible)….then We Madge Tribes will have the last laugh… Calling All Lambs, are you IN on this Bet?

  2. divinah says:

    Nobody’s Impressed. It’s no secret that The Corpse’s attempt to copy Mariah’s huge comeback fizzled. To top it off, The Corpse was buried finally when MC achieved her 17th #1. Everybody knows that The Corpse is a failure, so we’re not impressed with whatever point you’re driving at. Give us US Billboard facts, maybe that will interest us.

  3. Lava33 says:

    Just a question, ARE THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE ON POPDIRT FROM THE UK? Because who else would care so much about Robbie Williams. He is an arrogant cry baby.

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