Robbie Williams’ Embarrassing Chat With Bono

Robbie Williams says he’s still embarrassed about a drugged-out chat he had with U2 frontman Bono a while back. “I was at this party and completely and totally off my face – mushrooms, Ecstasy… And I was staring at this painting for ages,” Williams tells Stuff magazine. “I was just mesmerized by it. And Bono comes up and asks, ‘Robbie, what are you doing?’ And I said, ‘Bono, man, this fu**ing painting is incredible.’ And he went, ‘Robbie, that’s the window’.”

Robbie Williams Smokes To Keep From Getting Fat

March 15, 2003 – The Sun reports that Robbie Williams believes he won’t be able to kick his smoking habit as long as he is famous. “I’d like to stop smoking but the thing is I’m a fat bloke inside this body and the minute I stop smoking I’ll get even bigger,” he said. “So it looks like I can’t give up the cigarettes until my fame runs out. Then I can be a healthy Robbie Nobody.”

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