Robbie Williams Embraces Scientology

Robbie Williams has often talked about his belief in aliens, and now the Daily Star reports that the singer is turning to a religion that says there are aliens amongst us, Scientology. A source says it was former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell who turned Robbie on to the L. Ron Hubbard founded religion, which boasts celeb devotees such as Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, and John Travolta. “He is desperate for a belief that incorporates his love of extra-terrestrials,” the source said. “And it is a huge comfort to him because he barely gets a chance to ground himself with his folks and his friends.”

Will Brits Snub Robbie?

January 9, 2006 – Industry insiders tell The Sun’s Victoria Newton that Robbie Williams will likely only get one nomination for this year’s Brit Awards when they are announced Tuesday, a crushing snub to the former Take That star, who has been honored a record 14 by Britain’s version of The Grammys. The singer’s latest ‘Intensive Care’ hasn’t had much staying power after debuting at #1, and Robbie has criticized the awards’ voting system.

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2 thoughts on “Robbie Williams Embraces Scientology

  1. Ses says:

    Remember: This is Madonna’s Year…She simply blown-away the competition….’, ‘Robbie Williams’ latest effort was simply mediocre…& in the Music Business, there is no room for mediocre. I predict Madge will nab the majority of nominations!–It’s simply so predictable. Next year COADF will get a lot of GRAMMY nominations as well because it didn’t reach the cut-off for Grammy Noms last year. Madonna is truly a ‘Global Force’

  2. estephania says:

    I haven’t heard Robbie’s new stuff, but I love a lot of his older songs. He’s a great artist, very unique. She’s moody, a bastard, and he says exactly what is on his mind and I really respect him for that. I find it terribly ignorant when some of the people here make such ignorant jokes about the British. It just shows immaturity and a lack of culture. Perhaps if some of you actually left the USA and travelled the world, you would realize that the US is not the center of the planet and in fact there are many great artists and people out there that deserve respect.

    Wow, I knew Robbie had some sort of Alien fetish but Scientology? That “religion” is a freaking joke. I can’t beleive anyone would be dumb enough to conform to it and give away a portion of their income to support it, talk about trying to buy your way to eternal happiness. Come on Robbie, you are better than that!

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