Robbie Williams’ Former Manager: ‘I Know Robbie’s Gay’

The Daily Mail reports Robbie Williams’s former manager Kevin Kinsella has claimed the star is definitely gay. “I don’t think he is bisexual, I think he is totally gay. It was clear to me that he is gay,” Kinsella said. “I think Robbie has the same problems as Michael Barrymore. They know they are gay, they know what they want to do. But they are controlled by parameters which say that you can’t come out and say you are gay because it will affect your career and sales, and people may not love you. So what happens is that these demons inside of them come out in drink and drugs.”

Robbie Williams’ Bed Draws Little Interest

April 13, 2004 – gave away his old bed bearing his signature in 2001 to raise money for his Give It Sum charity, raising £15,400. After changing hands quickly a couple of times it went to its current owner who has offered it on eBay. But after five days only two people have expressed an interest. The 10-day auction is scheduled to end on Sunday (April 18) and is currently bid at £510.

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4 thoughts on “Robbie Williams’ Former Manager: ‘I Know Robbie’s Gay’

  1. texassoftballchick says:

    Someone should hook this guy up with Clay Aiken. They can sit around denying they are gay, then go bonk each other.

  2. grace_04 says:

    that explains the video where he strips naked while people skated around him. he always seemed gay to me. I dunno

  3. AussieSue says:

    Just another fine example of how the press are determined to hound this poor man with the crap they print. All I can say is, Rob be yourself, stay strong and ignore the idiots, the world is full of them. Being a big Rob fan I really could not give a toss about his sexual preference, each to his/her own. People should learn the art of praising the good and toning down the bad instead of wallowing in it. The good being he is one brilliant entertainer, one of the worlds best.

  4. YonderBob says:

    So what I love Robbie. Big deal. He has always seemed a bit camp but who cares he’s a great singer with great songs. He has admitted on film to being attracted to guys before but I don’t think he’s totally gay, he’s bi. He’s had way too many girlfriends to be totally gay.

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