Robbie Williams’ Gay Torment Revealed

Robbie Williams’ former manager Kevin Kinsella is publishing a new unauthorized biography focusing on the singer and his near nervous breakdown as he struggled with fame and tried to decide if he was homosexual. “His confusion with his sexuality was very upsetting for him. Rob broke down and cried when he explained it to me,” Kinsella revealed. “He felt his life was going down the drain. He was going through a very hard time, a breakdown. He just wanted to be able to talk to someone about it. Rob was open with me about what he was feeling… and I’m sure his mother knew. But I don’t think he’d discussed it with his father.”

Robbie’s Dad To Pick Fan To Co-Star In New Video

May 28, 2003 – The Sun reports has enlisted his father Pete Conway to pick the fan that will appear in his forthcoming video ‘Something Beautiful’. Pete said, “I’m looking forward to picking someone for the video. It’s a great chance for them to shine just like my son.” Read more.

Robbie Gives To Roscoe The Panhandling Pooch

May 27, 2003 – Robbie Williams was spotted with his new ‘B’ tattoo on his neck for his grandmother Betty, as he shelled out $20 to Roscoe the panhandling pooch when he left the Sunset Marquee bar in Hollywood, California on Sunday (May 25).

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8 thoughts on “Robbie Williams’ Gay Torment Revealed

  1. Karlan says:

    I just watched an old rerun of the MTV show “cribs”. And he had a bunch of gay guys from west Hollywood hanging out in his living room. I myself am a straight female ; that hang around gay men. So; I’m knowing that Robbie is gay and just needs too accept his homosexuality. Embrace it and get over it. Who cares what people think of you they talked about Jesus. Ciao, Karlan

  2. johnny gay girl says:

    Who cares if he’s queer. It is a drama only to a queer. If I were the only hetero living in a world full of homo’s, I wouldn’t give tuppence so long as I could have all the women. It would be paradise for me. Gay boys should be thankful they live in a time and a place (in the developed world) where they can be open without hurting their careers. If he is a queer, I will not respect him for hiding it like a big freakin’ fairy.

  3. de shau says:

    These people are taking over the entertainment industry and posing as strait men in an effort to influence the younger generations to feminists and homosexual agendas. Robbie Williams for example, poses as strait but has many many homosexual attitudes towards life in general, He says he wants a gay child. There is no way a strait man would ever even joke of something like that. Ricky Martin dated Older and not so attractive Rebecca de Alba promoting cougars and dominant women in relationships.

  4. Sally Thomas says:

    Of course he’s gay. The recent marriage is just a Beard to further his career. Sooner or later you will read about him in some bizarre Barrymore sex act that went wrong.

  5. mark says:

    Robbie Williams looks a bit gay. hes very weird looking man. He’s even spoken to aliens. He has done drugs, that’s a bit gay. And a lot of UK singers are gay Elton John, Boy George, Cliff Richards, George Micheal. The list just goes on. Even Mick Jagger and Keith Richards pumped each other when they were whacked out on drugs. most druggos would be that far off there head they would not even remember who did them. so yes Robbie. You are as gay as the day is long.

  6. mark says:

    While we are on the subject. Why do people look up to their maggots. Weak as piss. Have to do drugs to cope with life. Weak pricks. Where have all the men gone. most musicians are weird whacked out drop kicks. it makes my skin crawl . if we had another world war we would be stuffed waiting for these grubs too help us. der just take some more drugs you weak human beings

  7. Tim says:

    Is there really such a thing as gay? Or are we not all somewhere in between?
    There is a lot of gay hate. Those that define themselves as hetero seem to hate the idea that they might be a bit gay. Is this because heteros are really 100% hetero, and they just hate (for some unknown reason) the slur? Or is it because that heteros don’t exist and those that want to define themselves in that way hate to have their illusion burst? People buy into one side or the other. Their partners want them to come out one way or the other.

    I am bi. Or maybe I am gay. Or maybe I am hetero. Why should anyone, least of all someone that can get into bed with either sex like Robbie Williams, want to, have to define himself either way? Let him have sex with what he likes, male or female from day to day. Let yourself! No matter how butch you are, there is always a guy that can make you feel like a girl! No matter how much you like guys, is there no girl that can make you fell horny for women? Let us stop defining ourselves, or Robbie Williams. Let us swing with our love not with some definition.

  8. Angela says:

    In the beginning God put Man AND Woman in the garden and saw that it was good! Basta! I mean really, it can’t be healthy to go against the way we were created as humans. Obviously you are gonna have a break down, obviously you are gonna get messed up if your getting into unnatural and really perverted sex. So sick how the world has gotten! Where is he and she? makes me sick in my stomach that’s all I can say…

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