Robbie Williams Gets A Royal Welcome From Kilborn

was on the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn where he got a near royal introduction complete with countdown timer and all before a wildly enthusiastic crowd. Still, Robbie wondered if they even knew who he was. Craig tried to get him to put down an American pop artist, but while mentioning Justin Timberlake, he insisted the *NSYNC star was a “gem”. Robbie said, “He is actually excellent. And you know, you have said a funnier thing earlier on that I quite liked, but he is a great dancer, and a great looking guy and a great singer and you have a gem with him in America. I really do.” After his interview, Robbie performed ‘Feel’. Read on for a transcript.

Craig: This is Robbie Williams!


Craig: This is just the beginning. This is the beginning.

Robbie: Wow. Wow.


Oh, say can you see

Robbie: Thank you.

Craig: I am introducing you to America.

Robbie: I know. That is very, very kind of you. It really is. Because I’ve been watching and it’s been the ticker tape thing, the countdown to me? I better be good. That is a really nice round of applause. Do you actually know who I am?


Craig: Here’s the thing. This is what is funny. I love music. And there are some American acts that I think — technical term, blow. But here’s the thing about you. You’re huge in Europe and you have some huge multi-million dollar deal with a record label. Whatever.


Craig: And you are maybe not as big over here, but you don’t give a rat’s ass, do you?

Robbie: No, I am quite happy with how things are going. And I am in just a few television shows and so the doorman let me in. I will be probably in a restaurant and a club near you. Please whether the me in.


Robbie: Can you remember — you just going to scream after everything?


Robbie: That’s really good. I got to get me one of those. Can you remember when we went for some food one evening?

Craig: Yeah.

Robbie: You remember the lady you were with?

Craig: Yeah.

Robbie: You still with her?

Craig: No.

Robbie: She was beautiful.

Craig: Beautiful. She is still a friend, lives in new york. Doing very well.

Robbie: Ok, ok, ok.

Craig: Now, speaking of the ladies, you like to be linked with all of these girls, or is any of it true or what do you think?

Robbie: I just finished doing the Hilton sisters in my —


Robbie: And I went round to say I love Robin Tunney. She is great.

Craig: Great.


Robbie: I went around to say hello to her and see if anything would work but I got nothing back. Nothing. Is she married?

Craig: She has a boyfriend I believe.

Robbie: Ok.

Craig: I am sure if she hears you sing.

Robbie: I go and say I am Robbie and I am on the show with you and nothing.

Craig: She probably is just jealous. She probably wants a countdown clock.

Robbie: I will give her one.

Craig: The American ladies, do they find you fetching?


Craig: Do you date models, actresses, what do you like?

Robbie: Me!

Robbie: I like to keep it real and I don’t like to date model, date normal, wholesome girls. Failing that, big movie screen actresses will do. Anybody?

Robbie: My mother, wh asks me about, I am very serious with her. I am not actually at the minute. I am looking for Mrs. Williams. Yeah, I am. I am really looking for Mrs. Williams and hoping she is in L.A. This evening. Yes.

Craig: You go from day-to-day, you worry about next week?

Robbie: No, no. The show.

Craig: Yeah. And you live over here, don’t you?

Robbie: Yeah, I do.

Craig: Because they bother you —

Robbie: What’s that all about my! There’s some medication for that. Yeah.

Craig: In England, bowie can’t stand it over there because the press, the media is just too much over in London?

Robbie: I don’t know what happens with him but I wanted to come out here. I am shallow and I like to be amongst my people.

Craig: Ah!


Craig: A couple of years ago, you did our show a few years ago, and my father was watching that particular night.

Robbie: Right.

Craig: And he didn’t know who you were, and he goes that guy — you didn’t sing last time, you just chatted, and he said that guy should be an actor. He thought you were that charming and clever. Do you act at all?

Robbie: No, I think it’s silly. But it is. You know it is.

Craig: You should play James Bond, Robbie.

Robbie: No.


Robbie: No, I mean I am a huge cinema fan and I love films and I am glad that there’s people that go and do that stuff but it’s silly if you think about it. Like Russell Crowe in “Gladiator.” I am max mus, father of a slained daughter. There were cameras there all the time. It’s want a documentary. I just think that is strange. Don’t you think that is a bit weird?

Craig: The process of acting or what?

Robbie: The whole process of acting. Intending to be rock hard or intending to be vulnerable, you know?

Craig: What if you could play something similar to yourself, some cool character?

Robbie: Oh, you really got me cracked up to be somebody that I really am. Thank you.


Craig: Musically, who influenced you growing up?

Robbie: Doctor hook.

Craig: I vainly memory Dr. Hook.

Robbie: Yeah, and the Brady Bunch. A fan of the Brady Bunch. I don’t know really, the Stones, same as everybody else. You didn’t whoop then. Whoop!


Craig: You’re better than a lot of the American artist, aren’t you Robbie?

Robbie: Yes.


Craig: Give me a list of people you are better than?

Robbie: I can’t, because bump into these people and I have learned to keep my big mouth shut now. Because at many award ceremonies I go around and put o fires about things that I said about people and so I won’t mention
Justin Timberlake.


Robbie: No. He is actually excellent. And you know, you have said a funnier thing earlier on that I quite liked, but he is a great dancer, and a great looking guy and a great singer and you have a gem with him in America. I really do.

Craig: They are not clapping, that is good. We like that. And in a lot of your videos you like to disrobe. Are you kind of fond —


Craig: You are comfortable with your body, Robbie

Robbie: You are scaring me now. Yeah, I am. I like —

craig: You work out a lot?

Robbie: You’ve lost weight.

Craig: A bit.

Robbie: I mean you were never a big guy but look at you now. You are really svelte. What did you do?

Robbie: Cut out the carbs, and not as much vodka, more red wine. That is the key. I had red wine for breakfast and lunch and save the vodka —

Robbie: It’s really working. You are skinny as a rake.

Craig: Look up here.

Robbie: Sorry. I don’t know why I was looking at your crotch.

Craig: “Five questions” when we come back.



Craig: We’re back with Robbie Williams.


Craig: So when you travel, are you touring or what are you doing? No?

Robbie: Yeah, going off to do this big tour in Europe in the summer.


Robbie: Any of you coming?


Robbie: Congratulations on getting the ticket. I am very popular.

Craig: Yeah. Do you have to — in the hotel rooms, what name do you stay under there so you aren’t mobbed. Don’t you have a list of those?

Robbie: Yeah, I do. Genitalia is one that I use a lot. I can’t anymore but dick see enormous. This one is a bad one. This one I had for a while, bust a hymen.

Craig: Let me know when you are done, Robbie, I’ll be over here.

Robbie: There’s also at the timey bar. Clitoris.

Craig: Time for “five questions.”


Craig: Geography. Where is the rock ‘n roll hall-of-fame? Where is the rock ‘n’ roll hall-of-fame?

Robbie: Where is the rock ‘n roll hall-of-fame?

Craig: Seems like you don’t know.

Robbie: New york?

Craig: No. Cleveland land, Ohio. Match game. Blank pudding.

Robbie: Blank pudding?

Craig: You ever play blank game?

Robbie: Blank pudding.

Craig: Looking for york shire bread. We can’t accept that. 10 seconds on the clock. Name three Robin Williams movies in 10 seconds. Three in 10 seconds.

Robbie: No, it’s gone, it’s a blank. One hour phone home, Fisher King and — come on

craig: That is correct. We will accept that.


Craig: This is tough. Wait, wait. Think of the biggest — don’t say it out loud — the biggest British rock band of all time. Don’t say it out loud. Now think of a second. Don’t say it out loud. Now, third. And the third?

Robbie: Yeah?

Craig: Is the third — either The Who or Led Zeppelin?

Robbie: Led Zeppelin.

Craig: That is correct. I thought you were going to pull a wham on me. Ok.

Robbie: No, no.

Craig: Ok. And finally can England please keep Madonna?


Robbie: Yeah. Yeah. Well, yeah. If you want. Yeah.

Craig: Thank you. That is great. Very good!


Craig: All right. Here’s the scoop, the album is called Escapology. I play if in m car, man.

Robbie: Cool. What is he doing later? Later he is doing feel. Big hand for Robbie Williams!

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