Robbie Williams Gets ‘Sexed Up’ With Jaime King

The People reports Robbie Williams has roped in dozens of rabbits and model/actress Jaime King sitting on a bed surrounded by the pets in his new video for ‘Sexed Up’.

PETA Wants Robbie Williams To Dump The Chimp

October 7, 2003 – The Sun reports PETA have written to Robbie Williams in Los Angeles to get the clip of a chimpanzee with a gun from his live show dropped before he starts the second half of his world tour. In a letter to the singer, Dan Mathews, the group’s global vice-president, says: “Robbie, we felt sure you would want to be informed of the inherent cruelties chimpanzees and other great apes endure when snatched from their natural environment and forced into the entertainment trade. Please consider removing the film from your show.” Read more.

Robbie’s ‘Nemo’ Theme Song May Get Him Oscar Nods

September 28, 2003 – reports Hollywood insiders believe Robbie Williams may get a chance at U.S. success after his performance of ‘Beyond the Sea’ in ‘Finding Nemo’. The film stands a good chance of being nominated for a handful of Oscars including Best Music and Best Song.

A source says, “The soundtrack is quite wonderful and Robbie had made quite an impression with the song. The film has made millions across the States and now a lot more people know who Robbie Williams is. It looks like Nemo has helped him achieve his dream. There’s talk of him performing Beyond The Sea at next year’s ceremony.”

Robbie’s Pal Not Popular On New TV Show

September 11, 2003 – The Daily Mail reports Robbie Williams best pal Jonathan Wilkes isn’t making any friends as host of the new series of ‘You’ve Been Framed’. One disgruntled crew member said, “Every sentence starts with: ‘My pal Robbie…’. We were warned by the producers not to mention or ask questions about Robbie when Jonathan was around – but if we didn’t he wouldn’t have any conversation.”

Robbie Turns Wedding Singer

September 10, 2003 – The San Francisco Examiner reports Robbie Williams gave his longtime personal assistant, Josie Cliff, and her husband the gift of song for their wedding. Williams reportedly performed a medley of his hits for the 60 or so guests at the couple’s ceremony in Malibu recently.

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