Robbie Williams Has No Problem With Autotune

tells The Sun he couldn’t care less about the computer aided trickery involved in making him sound good. “Everybody uses Autotune these days,” Williams said. “Have you got a spellcheck on your computer? Do you use it? Why is that, can’t you spell?”

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2 thoughts on “Robbie Williams Has No Problem With Autotune

  1. ihatehilary says:

    spellcheck is not a very good example to use with most of the people on popdirt, robbie.

    not EVERYBODY uses autotune. Ashlee doesn’t. Hilary doesn’t. they lip-synch!

  2. joshy420 says:

    they all used it on their albums…that’s obvious when you hear them live. but hes right, everyone does use it. it doesn’t mean you suck, its just for production purposes. some people need it more than others.

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