Robbie Williams Interviewed By Radio Alice

Robbie Williams stopped by Radio Alice in San Francisco the other day. Robbie talked about all his tattoos, let the DJ cut some of the highlights out of his hair for a charity auction, he commented on his former mohawk, he gave his post-Oscar review, and how pal Nicole Kidman looked like she had just been Botoxed. Robbie was worried about what to say because he thought the British press were listening. They also goofed on the seriousness of Salma Hayek. Robbie says there is a shortage of unobtainable women at the show — but says Halle Berry should dump Eric Benet and go out with him. Audio and pictures have since been removed.

Robbie Says New Song Isn’t Anti-War

March 21, 2003 – Robbie Williams clarified his position over ‘Happy Easter (War Is Coming)’ a B-side track recorded for his next single ‘Come Undone’, insisting that it is not an anti-war song and that he supports the troops in Iraq.

“This song was written long before war began in Iraq and is categorically not a personal response to it,” he said. “This is in no way, shape, or form, my statement against the war in Iraq. The song is just that – a song. If I were to write an anti-war song, the lyrics would be a lot more poignant. I am not pro-war but I fully support the troops that are out in Iraq and I support democracy for the Iraqi people.”

Robbie Supports The Troops

March 20, 2003 – Robbie Williams issued a statement Thursday declaring his support for the troops in the Gulf, and denying earlier reports that his forthcoming song ‘Happy Easter (War Is Coming)’ was written in response to the conflict in Iraq. Williams says that he is not pro-war, but that he fully supports democracy for the Iraqi people. ‘Happy Easter (War Is Coming)’ will be released as the b-side to Robbie’s next single on April 14.

Robbie Is Scared Ahead Of War

March 17, 2003 – The Mirror reports Robbie Williams admitted yesterday he is terrified by the prospect of war. He said, “I’m really scared, to tell you the truth. It’s a really serious thing for me. I’m scared, I don’t understand it – I haven’t seen any smoking guns.” The singer, who now is in Japan, also fears flying because of reprisal terrorist attacks.

Robbie To Release ‘Escapology’ In America

March 17, 2003 – Robbie Williams will get his chance to break America with the release of ‘Escapology’ on April 1st. The disc will feature two brand new tracks not included on the original worldwide version.

Robbie’s New Video Debuts On The Net

March 17, 2003 – The Sun reports that around 150,000 fans logged on to the net to watch Robbie Williams’ new video for ‘Come Undone’. So many people wanted to see the video featuring him biting girls’ boobs and having a three-in-a-bed session that the EMI server crashed for two hours. Robbie has made several versions of the video for ‘Come Undone’, which is due out on April 14th.

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