Robbie Williams: I’ve Had Four Spice Girls

Sky News reports that while being interviewed on Argentinian radio, claimed he bedded four of the five Spice Girls – but won’t reveal who. “I’ve only got one left to have had all of the Spice Girls,” he said on a show in Buenos Aires, where he is currently touring.

Robbie Can’t Believe ‘Idiot’ Bush Got Re-Elected

November 19, 2004 – Sky News reports Robbie Williams is blasting the re-election of President Bush, branding him an “idiot”. Robbie said, “You know Americans keep saying they are the leaders of the free world, and this guy can’t even form a sentence. He can’t speak. I speak better than him, you know.” Robbie added, “I’m scared as an individual. I’m scared for the world. I can’t believe he got back in again. The guy is obviously an idiot.”

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8 thoughts on “Robbie Williams: I’ve Had Four Spice Girls

  1. AGUILERAFAN says:


  2. popmaster167 says:

    I can’t believe it either, but hopefully Bush would of calmed down by his second term and only perhaps go to war with one country instead of 2 or 3, I’m hoping so anyway, and maybe he’ll back off on that gay marriage ban which is akin to destroying gay rights, perhaps he will start caring about the environment now?!! Oh well, I can dream anyway.

    You’ve just shown what a xzenophobic person you are, and I thought the USA was based.’, ‘on freedom of speech, so he should be able to put his views on American politics across with out getting backlash or people. And I don’t like Robbie that much either at least not his music these days anyway and I don’t think he will crack the US but I fail to see how him expressing his political views on US politics has anything neccesarily to do with him wanting to break the US music market. Can you please tell me where your logic comes from?!

  3. Fairycute7 says:

    Um, as far as I can see it his none of his business. He is not a US citizen and I am SICK of these foreigners trying to say we’re dumb. They are nosy idiots and BUSH WON so get over it!

  4. popmaster167 says:

    Hmm, kinda hypocritical, I thought the US was about freedom of speech, but not so to foreigners then, or are foreigners only allowed to say good things about the US President and Federal government? Is that freedom of speech?

  5. AussieSue says:

    Politics is always a touchy subject, on this instance I agree with Rob, I am leaving myself open to some bagging I know with the comments that will be posted after…not that I care really, each to his/her own, live and let live….Free world and free speech, yeah right, I am yet to see this happen. The world is in turmoil more now than in a very long time, why…President Bush and the decisions HE has made.

    More celebrities should speak out about how they feel regarding the state of the world issues and policital leaders etc, like being a voice for the average joe on the streets that have no chance of ever being heard.

  6. lessthanzero says:

    Your post proves your own stupidity a lot better than Robbie’s views, which, incidentally, are shared by a LOT more people around the world than yours or those who support Bush. Bush’s decisions affect the world at large. The US is the sole remaining superpower and the decisions this administration makes will affect everyone, particularly with regards to the environment, something Bush’s record shows he cares NOTHING about. He is the only president in history to get an F from the League of Conservation Voters, in sharp contrast to John Kerry’s 92% rating. My god–how can you defend someone who pushed for us to drill in the Arctic reserve? There’s nothing “nosy” about non-US citizens who have something to say; it merely illustrates how insular America is in the fact that your average European/Asian/Australian can name probably 3-4 Western leaders OUTSIDE her or his country, and the average American probably couldn’t even name every member of Bush’s cabinet. The world has an interest in US politics because they affect people on a global level–but that probably doesn’t occur to you or other people at this board who think the US is the only country that matters. On a recent survey reported by the BBC, the US didn’t even crack the Top 10 of countries where quality of life is concerned.

  7. notacluewat2callmyself says:

    THANK YOU FINALLY!!!!!!!!! Of course he’s an idiot, the guy doesn’t even write his own speeches. If I were old enough 2 vote I would have definitely voted 4 Kerry cos Bush is an a-hole… 4 more years in hell!

  8. manwithaplan94 says:

    I have to agree with Robbie on this one too I can’t believe it either. It just showed me how split apart our country is in the USA now its kind of scary but what can you do you just pray and wish for peace. The big laugh of it all is they had the nerve to throw morals and religion into it. I would really like to know what was so moral about it and what was so religious about it.

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