Robbie Williams Lands First Hollywood Role

The Sunday People reports has landed his first movie role, playing a singer in the Cole Porter biopic ‘Just One of Those Things’. A close friend said: “It’s Robbie’s dream to appear on the big screen. He was thrilled at the chance to appear in this film. This could easily work as a springboard to bigger and better roles.”

Pleads For U.S. Airplay

May 10, 2003 – Ananova reports asked 15,000 fans at a New York concert to phone local radio stations to urge them to play his latest single. “Even if you don’t like it, can you ask for it?” he pleaded with the crowd, many of whom didn’t know who he was. By the end of a raunchy 30 minute set he had at least a few girls in the audience chanting his name. Before he performed his hit ‘Angels’, he joked to the crowd, “This song was released here a few years ago and guess what? It wasn’t a hit. But I’m not bitter. It made me a star everywhere in the world but here.”

Why Doesn’t America Love Robbie?

May 6, 2003 – Mark Simpson of weighed in on why Robbie Williams is having so much trouble trying to establish himself in the U.S., despite his huge success overseas. Simpson writes, “The problem with selling this shtick in the U.S. is that few people apart from some aging gay men in San Francisco have heard of Robbie Williams. So how are Americans expected to relate to his problems with his ‘massive’ fame, which is all his songs are about these days? Robbie is Eminem without the hip-hop, without the wit, and without, finally, the (global) success.” Read more.

Robbie To Voice Lion In Film

May 6, 2003 – Radio 1 reports Robbie Williams will join Kate Winslet and Sean Bean to lend his voice to a character in a BBC TV movie drama called ‘Pride’ which will be built around real-life footage of lions.

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