Robbie Williams Looks For Songwriting Credit Too

The Mirror reports that is complaining about former songwriting partner Guy Chambers getting credit for all his biggest hits. “I’ve written a lot of songs myself, but no one appreciates that,” Robbie explained. “It pees me off because everyone thinks Guy penned ‘Let Me Entertain You’ and ‘Angels’ but they’re my songs. Just because I’m Robbie Williams from Take That, nobody credits me with anything. It’s understandable because I wasn’t the songwriter in that band. Hence, when I decided to create my own albums, people assume that the lion’s share is done by someone else. But it’s not. I write lyrics, I write melodies and occasionally I write the music, too.”

Robbie: My Best Times Were On Drugs

December 20, 2004 – In an interview with Real Radio, to be broadcast on Christmas Day, Robbie Williams said: “Some of the best times in my life happened under the influence of drugs… and I’m not saying ‘go out and do drugs, kids’ but I enjoyed them.”

When asked if he was confident about staying off drugs and alcohol, the British pop star replied: “No, I’m not confident at all.”

The comments have brought Williams under fire from drug abuse education groups.

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One thought on “Robbie Williams Looks For Songwriting Credit Too

  1. estephania says:

    Robbie’s funny. he says the funniest stuff and people take him so seriously, but that’s just his sense of humor. hell, some of my good times have been on drugs too, although not lately of course, but who hasn’t been there? however, it is sad if he’s seriously not confident being sober.

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