Robbie Williams Loves Tour Opener Kelly Osbourne

Robbie Williams chatted with The Sun about signing on to support him on his European tour. “I love Kelly,” Robbie said. “Her don’t-give-a-sh** attitude reminds me of me. She rocks.” A source adds, “She was delighted when he asked her to support him. They haven’t decided yet whether they are going to sing a duet together – but it is on the cards.” Their tour begins on June 28th in Edinburgh.

Robbie Williams Makes A Play For

Neil Sean of Sky News reports Robbie Williams is looking to hook up with Aussie stunner now that he’s split with Rachel Hunter. Robbie sent her flowers and text messages and offered her the use of both his houses in London and LA while she is on promotional tours. But Holly says while she thinks he’s sweet, she has no plans to break up with her boyfriend Peter Ververis back home.

Kelly Osbourne Surprisingly Charms During Q100 Visit

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports Kelly Osbourne’s visit to Q100 ended up shocking everyone in the room. Edited as a foul-mouthed, spoiled brat on ‘The Osbournes,’ the 18-year-old bounded into the radio studio and immediately charmed everyone in sight. Off air, Osbourne said she hasn’t always been excited about how she’s been portrayed on her family’s reality series. “[The producers] take advantage of every situation. Then you end up trying to tell people, ‘But that’s not what happened’.”

Kelly Osbourne Denies Biting Hand That Feeds Her

The New York Daily News reports Kelly Osbourne has said her comments about MTV to the Detroit News were taken out of context. “MTV is my family,” she said. “They made me who I am.”

Reports on Kelly’s live shows haven’t been good, and Robbie Williams is reportedly having second thoughts about Ozzy’s daughter opening for him on his UK summer tour.

“Robbie’s camp is now suggesting that maybe Kelly shouldn’t do all his shows,” an insider said. “But Kelly’s mom, Sharon, who negotiated the deal, won’t hear of it. She says, ‘You promised the entire tour!'”

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