Robbie Williams Moves To Chelsea Harbour Penthouse

The Sun reports has spent £2.5million on another London house, after concluding his Notting Hill pad didn’t offer enough privacy from gawking fans. The singer has purchased a penthouse apartment overlooking Chelsea Harbour. “Robbie wanted to have some privacy so he decided to move to somewhere more exclusive,” a pal of the singer revealed. “He didn’t like the idea of people just being able to walk up to his front door so he thought an apartment with tight security would be better. He’s not going to sell the other place, though. He will still make money on it because he’s talking about renting it out.” Read more.

Robbie Williams’ Guide To Fighting Flab On Tour

June 11, 2003 – The Sun has photos of Robbie Williams on the set of a new movie about music legend Cole Porter. They also report that the singer has made demands that fatty foods are banned from backstage during his tour. Robbie also has installed scales at the venues to monitor his weight. “It’s not like Robbie’s behaving like a diva or anything, he just obviously doesn’t want to lapse into eating junk food when he’s on the road,” an insider explained. “He’ll be the first to admit he can quickly pile on the pounds – that’s why he keeps to a strict diet and makes sure he exercises regularly. The easiest time to put on weight if you’re a musician is when you’re on the road. You are away from home and surrounded by people getting things for you, there’s also lots of waiting around at times and it’s very easy to snack.”

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