Robbie Williams Needs A Hug

The Boy Least Likely To vocalist Jof took part in a hug or grudge themed Q&A with Popworld.comh, where he was asked about Robbie Williams. “He needs a hug. I think he seems sad in the way he tries to make people see how happy he is,” Jof explained. “I think sad people try and convince people how happy they are. He’s hiding the worries.”

Robbie Rips ‘Evil’ Ex-Manager In ‘The Nineties’

September 4, 2006 – The Sun reports Robbie Williams is blasting his ex-manager from his Take That days, Nigel Martin-Smith, in the new track ‘The Nineties’. Robbie sings, “Such an evil man, I used to fantasize about taking a Stanley knife and playing round with your eyes.” He told Victoria Newton: “When we’d finished touring and asked where the money was, he said, ‘You don’t make money in Europe, boys. Well, I don’t understand. I’m doing this interview with you on tour in Europe, making money doing very well, in fact. So either he’s a thief or a rubbish manager.”

Robbie Is Fine With Not Being Cool

August 31, 2006 – Robbie Williams admits to The Sun he’s never going to have the cred of a rocker, but the former Take That star is okay with that. “I’m never going to be Radiohead or Muse or whoever – I’m Robbie Williams,” he said. “To the six million people who keep buying my records, I’m the best thing out there. But there’s a whole group of people think I’m a joke, that I am some end-of-the-pier entertainer, which I am.” Read more.

Robbie: I’m Addicted To Everything

August 21, 2006 – Robbie Williams admits to The Sun life without drugs has been pretty hard for him during the last six years of sobriety. “I’m still addicted to everything – if I play two games of table tennis I’ll be addicted to that,” he confessed. “I’m cut between being a druggie and a professional athlete. I hate drugs, I love drugs. They haven’t invented a new one that’s not bad for you or less depressing than Ecstasy, or one that makes you less paranoid than coke. As depressing and heartbreaking as it is, as soul destroying and relationship destroying as it is, it makes life fu**ing interesting.”

Lily Allen Sings Three Tracks On Robbie’s ‘Rudebox’

August 18, 2006 – Lily Allen explained in a Q&A with The Herald Sun’s Cameron Adams why her loudmouth image is unfair, and talked about singing three tracks on the new Robbie Williams album ‘Rudebox’. “I was recording with Mark Ronson, and he was working on Robbie’s album,” the singer said. “It was before anything happened with me. He needed a female vocalist. I said fine and did it and I think Robbie’s quite pleased now. I think they sound pretty good, though I can’t actually remember what they’re called or how they go.”

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