Robbie Williams Plays Doctor And Nurse With Sexy Swede

Sexy Swede Marie Annerstedt spoke with The People about hooking up with Robbie Williams at his hotel suite last week in Gothenberg. “Robbie just couldn’t get enough,” the 25-year-old beauty revealed. “We were up till five in the morning. At one stage Robbie joked that because I was a doctor maybe a game of doctors and nurses could be fun. He then said he’d love to be the doctor so he could whip out his stethoscope while I played his sexy nurse. Robbie asked me if I’d ever dress up as a naughty nurse for a man and said he’d love to see me in an outfit. He kept cracking doctor jokes but after putting him through a full examination it was clear his body was in full working order.” Read more.

Robbie’s Hat Trick

July 7, 2006 – The Sun reports that after watching Italy beat Germany in the World Cup semi-final on Tuesday, Robbie Williams got chatted up a redhead at Bar Rouge in Copenhagen, Denmark. Later, the woman joined the singer upstairs. The paper reports that Robbie had already pulled a blonde doctor on Sunday and a Swede the night before.

Dad’s Not Sure Robbie Will Settle Down

June 26, 2006 – The People reports Robbie Williams’ father Pete Conway, who left his mother when the singer was 2, believes he is partly to blame for his son being a commitment phobe. “Was Robbie affected by me leaving? I’m sure he was,” Conway admitted. “But he’s happy enough now and we’re good friends. I still don”t know if he’ll ever settle down. It’s not that he doesn’t like families or kids. He just hasn’t met Miss Right yet.”

Lily Allen On Meeting Robbie Williams

June 24, 2006 – Lily Allen spoke with Radio 1 about meeting Robbie Williams recently. “He was like ‘Oh you would have loved it – Take That getting back together’,” she said. “And I went ‘Take That were before my time mate. I was into Boyzone’. And his face just dropped!” Allen also took a jab at Sandi Thom. “She says she wishes she was a hippy but she used the internet to promote herself,” she sneered.

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